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ReachMD Announces a New Radio Programming Series, “Diabetes Discourse”

hosted by Steven V. Edelman, MD

CHICAGO - July 14, 2009 - ReachMD, an innovative new media communications platform for medical professionals, is proud to bring "Diabetes Discourse" to thousands of medical professionals. Diabetes Discourse is sponsored by Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care.

Diabetes Discourse will air on ReachMD Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Channel 160 and via simulcast on ReachMD Online at The program will feature renowned health care professionals discussing the latest topics on diabetes: therapies, research, technology, clinical studies, treatments, and more. Diabetes Discourse will deliver the most up-to-date information and education that primary care physicians, endocrinologists, and health care professionals working in the field of diabetes will find vitally important for their patients and practice.

Diabetes Discourse is hosted by diabetes expert Steven V. Edelman, MD, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of California, San Diego, director of the Diabetes Care Clinic at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Diego, and recent American Diabetes Association Educator of the Year Award recipient. Dr. Edelman is personally affected by diabetes and has been living with type 1-diabetes for more than 35 years. He has committed his career to improving diabetes care by informing and empowering the health care professionals who treat the disease and the patients who live with this condition.

"Improvement in diabetes care cannot wait . . . . We need Diabetes Discourse to break the back of clinical inertia," says Dr. Edelman.

"Working with leaders such as Dr. Edelman enables ReachMD to bring many worldwide diabetes experts to the program who can bring the breadth and depth of expertise in diabetes care to educate ReachMD's clinician audience," says Gary Epstein, CEO of ReachMD. "We are grateful for the support from Novo Nordisk, who recognized the importance of advancing the discussion on diabetes.".

About ReachMD is located in Northbrook, IL. ReachMD is a leading provider of advanced health care information and education for medical professionals. The company's proprietary technology uses emerging media channels to allow busy professionals to hear the latest in specific health care issues in the most convenient ways.

ReachMD's new media platform includes satellite radio, online programming that can be accessed through any XM radio, digital media device, or personal computer, as well as mobile platforms including the iPhone. ReachMD's original programming includes interviews with world-renowned physicians covering professional topics within clinical medicine, treatment, research, executive management, government policies, technology, and global health issues, among others. ReachMD partners with top tier medical societies to provide this credible medical content. Partners include the American Medical Association, American College of Cardiology, American Medical Directors Association, American Medical Student Association, and American College of Nurse Practitioners, to name just a few. To access ReachMD's original programming, visit

ReachMD at or XM Channel 160.

Diabetes Discourse is sponsored by Novo Nordisk, a health care company and world leader in diabetes care. To access the latest clinical information on diabetes, health care professionals should visit Diabetes in America online at

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