Medical Program: Expert Debate: Is Bacterial Vaginosis an STI?

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Expert Debate: Is Bacterial Vaginosis an STI?

Expert Debate: Is Bacterial Vaginosis an STI?
Clinical experts Caroline Mitchell and Jeanne Marrazzo debate the question: Is BV an STI?
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    In the final installation of the "What's New in BV" series, Dr. Jennifer Caudle is joined by two leaders in the field to discuss a question that continues to puzzle healthcare professionals and their patients: Is bacterial vaginosis an STI?

    Sexual transmission, impact of sexual partners, pathogens, and other STIs are just some of the points highlighted in this debate with Dr. Caroline Mitchell and Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo. Participate now and consider your own stance on the question!

    What’s New in Bacterial Vaginosis, a non-certified educational series, is made possible by Symbiomix Therapeutics, LLC (A Lupin Company), a biopharmaceutical company bringing innovative medicines to market for prevalent gynecologic infections that can have serious health consequences. Content of the series is produced solely and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for healthcare professionals only.



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