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Bill Rutenberg, MD
Bill Rutenberg, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Comparing Treatments for Anxiety Disorders in Children06/29/2016
    Evaluating Exposure Therapy to Treat Anxiety Disorders in Childhood03/06/2009
    Wound Biotherapy With Maggots01/22/2010
    Can Nurse Migration Solve the Global Nursing Shortage?12/31/2010
    Worldwide Impact of Nurse Migration12/11/2014
    Worldwide Challenge: Formulating Drugs for Children12/31/2015
    Fluorescence-Guided Brain Surgery11/02/2008
    Candidate Healthcare Plans: What's in Store for Docs & Patients?11/02/2008
    How Does Healthcare Policy Impact Physicians?10/12/2008
    Leading in Tragic Times: Disaster Life Support Training09/10/2010
    Limiting the Post-Disaster Spread of Disease09/21/2008
    Random Drug Testing in Schools08/24/2008
    Substance Abuse: Screening, Intervention and Treatment10/05/2008
    Novel Solutions to Financing Medicare’s Health Benefits10/26/2008
    Funding Healthcare: A Vote for Individuals Paying the Way10/12/2008
    How We Can Fund Medicare08/31/2008
    Assessing Statin Prescriptions for Kids08/17/2008
    Improving Neurodevelopmental Outcomes for Premature Infants02/15/2018
    Preemies: Post-Discharge Developmental Catch-Up02/15/2018
    Kawasaki Disease: A Needle in a Haystack?02/27/2018
    Can a CME Course Help the Disruptive Physician?02/27/2018
    Confronting Disruptive Physician Behavior02/28/2018
    Treating & Preventing Pediatric Overuse Injuries02/28/2018
    Sports Nutrition, Supplements & Anabolic Steroids07/24/2015
    Strength Training for Children?09/22/2015
    Developmental Readiness and Sports Success02/28/2018
    Hormones & Brain Development in Preemies11/18/2012
    How Salary and Reimbursement Impact Physician Workforce10/05/2008
    The Looming Shortage of General Surgeons08/03/2008
    How Does Pay Scale Contribute to the Physician Shortage?09/14/2008
    How Physicians Get Paid07/27/2008
    Beyond Radiation and Chemotherapy09/21/2008
    Language Mapping and Glioma Resection08/10/2008
    Health Policy: Weighing Treatment Effectiveness vs. Cost09/07/2008
    Cost-Effective Care in Patients' Best Interest10/19/2008
    Malignant Glioma Research Update06/22/2008
    Updated Guidelines for Treating Pediatric Sinusitis08/24/2008
    Pediatric Otitis Media: To Treat or Not To Treat?08/10/2008
    Prostate Cancer Predictability: Can We Anticipate a Patient's Risk in 25 Years?06/08/2008
    The Surgeon's Learning Curve03/15/2018
    Hospital Reimbursement Changes Impacting Physicians09/14/2008
    Understanding the Revenue Cycle of a Hospital06/22/2008
    The Doctor's Role in Curbing Underage Drinking06/08/2008
    Your Peds Patients' Risk of Alcohol Abuse07/13/2008
    Can Acupuncture Improve IVF Results?06/15/2008
    Is This the Decade for Integrative Medicine?06/08/2008
    Complementary and Alternative Medicines in a Critical Care Unit09/07/2008
    Acupuncture and Treatment of Osteoarthritis12/04/2020
    Pain Boot Camp12/07/2017
    Mechanisms of Chronic Pain12/07/2017
    To Admit or Observe: What Would CMS Say?06/29/2008
    Sure Decision Clinical Compliance Program09/07/2008
    Quality Payback for Physicians10/19/2008
    Patient Centered Medical Home06/22/2008
    Bridges To Excellence: Physician Office Link05/11/2008
    Can Men Increase Their Longevity?01/24/2018
    Geriatrics: Help Wanted (and Needed)10/22/2010
    Treating Alzheimer's Patients Inside & Out10/03/2014
    Polypharmacy Issues and the Elderly09/10/2015
    Conscientious Objectors: How to Respond04/27/2008
    Complementary Medicine & Pediatrics: Part 205/04/2008
    Complementary Medicine & Pediatrics: Part 105/18/2008
    Pediatric Telehealth Case Studies05/04/2008
    Pediatric Telehealth in Practice04/13/2008
    Conscientious Objector and Vaccinations04/06/2008
    How To Talk to Parents About Autism09/18/2015
    How To Talk to Parents About Autism09/28/2017
    Media's Influence on Bullying and Behavior04/06/2008
    Holding the Media Responsible for Outcomes03/16/2008
    CTCA's Integrated Appraches to Cancer Care04/27/2008
    Integrative Medicine Approach to Cancer Treatment02/20/2015
    An Integrated Approach to Prevention, Treatment and Healing04/06/2008
    Things That Mimic Demyelinating Disorders in Kids08/31/2008
    Differentiating Pediatric MS from ADEM11/07/2008
    Challenges Faced By Children With MS03/16/2008
    What is Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis?03/09/2008
    Teaching the Importance of Relationships in Medicine06/01/2008
    The Johns Hopkins Colleges Program Student Experience05/25/2008
    Johns Hopkins Colleges Program: A Physician Look05/11/2008
    Learning Communities in Medical School: How do They Improve the Education Experience?05/18/2008
    Lessons Learned From Medicare and Medicaid's Senior Advisor02/10/2008
    CT vs. PET Screening for Lung Cancer04/20/2008
    Racial Disparities in Oncology Care10/14/2015
    Why We'll Never Cure Cancer?04/06/2008
    Physician Ranking and Quality Improvement: Perspectives from the Massachusetts Medical Society03/23/2008
    Inaccuracies in Physician Profiling: Can they Harm One's Career? 06/01/2008
    The Ethics of Using Claims Data to Profile Physicians03/02/2008
    The Physician's Role in End of Life Conversations10/15/2015
    Forgiveness and the Doctor/Patient Relationship: Bridging Gaps After Mistakes09/06/2016
    The Challenges and Rewards of Asking for Forgiveness03/21/2018
    What a Doctor Can Do When Sorry is Not Enough01/27/2008
    Nurses Role in NIH Inner City Asthma Study01/20/2008
    NIH Inner City Asthma Study: The Logistics01/27/2008
    NIH Inner City Asthma Study: Objectives & Protocol01/20/2008
    Adding Safety to the Hospital Setting12/30/2007
    The Fragmented Healthcare Predicament in America07/06/2008
    Nursing Homes: Preparing for the Aging Population12/30/2007
    UCSF Project to Improve Nursing Home Quality01/20/2008
    Diagnosing and Treating CF: What is new?01/27/2008
    Cystic Fibrosis: No Longer a Childhood Disease06/15/2008
    Addressing the State of the Nursing Profession12/23/2007
    A Glimpse into the Future of Nursing01/13/2008
    How Did MRSA Become a Crisis02/03/2008
    CDC Response to MRSA01/06/2008
    Epidemiology of MRSA07/06/2008
    Boston Legal's Christian Clemenson on Aspergers II01/13/2008
    Boston Legal's Christian Clemenson on Aspergers I12/23/2007
    Palliative Pediatric Care04/20/2008
    Global Approach to Conquering Diabetes11/18/2007
    Is It Safe to Return to the Field?07/06/2008
    Do Female Athletes Bear the Brunt of Concussions?07/27/2008
    Cameron's Arc - Teaching Pediatric Palliative Care03/30/2008
    The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)06/01/2008
    CDC and Diabetes: Early Detection and Prevention03/30/2008
    Healthcare Policy: Preparing for the Next Pandemic12/16/2007
    Writing the Red Book03/09/2008
    Immunization Financing Policy12/02/2007
    Regulation of Pediatric Medical Devices12/30/2007
    Thimerosal Safety - Should We Still Be Concerned?11/25/2007
    Impact of Early Thimerosal Exposure on Children11/04/2007
    The Enigmas of Peanut Allergy01/13/2008
    Excercise Induced Anaphylaxis12/02/2007
    Masqueraders of Food Allergy03/23/2008
    Children and Food Allergies05/25/2008
    Acupuncture and Back Pain03/30/2008
    SCHIP Update From The AAP President10/14/2007
    Outsourcing After Hours Pediatric Care10/28/2007
    Dementia, Alzheimers, or Normal Brain Atrophy?12/23/2007
    Evaluating the Mind of the Accused10/07/2007
    Sports and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury07/06/2008
    A Neuropsychologists Evaluation of Malingering11/04/2007
    Pediatric Dental Clues to Systemic Disease12/16/2007
    Latest Dental Technology and Asthetics11/04/2007
    Potpourri of Practical Dentistry11/18/2007
    Infant Oral Healthcare03/16/2008
    Cortical Mapping for Pediatric Epilepsy10/28/2007
    A Neuropsychologist's View of Pediatric Epilepsy10/14/2007
    Epilepsy, Nueroimaging and Neurosurgery10/21/2007
    Children with Seizure Disorder: Surgical Solutions10/07/2007
    Hospital Caused Harm: IHI Campaign To Save Lives09/30/2007
    Healthcare Harm: Social and Political Factors08/23/2007
    Vaccines: What is New?09/23/2007
    HPV Vaccine Recommendations10/14/2007
    Influenza Prevention and Protection09/09/2007
    Video Games: Advising Your Patients10/07/2007
    Video Games and the Child's Brain10/28/2007
    Are Video Games Addicting?09/16/2007
    How Do Video Games Impact Children?09/09/2007
    Neuro-imaging and Rewiring of the Brain08/12/2007
    Treatments for Addiction08/12/2007
    Brain Development and Addiction08/12/2007
    Who is an Addict and What is Addiction?08/12/2007
    Predicition and Prevention for Type 1 Diabetes08/05/2007
    Supporting Patients with Type 1 Diabetes.08/05/2007
    State of the Art Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes08/05/2007
    The Artificial Pancreas08/05/2007
    Your Patients Can Impact Medical Research & Policy07/22/2007
    Immunological Aspects of Eosinophilic Esophagitis07/22/2007
    Treatments For Eosinophilic Esophagitis07/22/2007
    Diagnosis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis07/22/2007
    Information Technology in Medicine07/15/2007
    Patient Safety Models07/15/2007
    Is Pay For Performance Just A Fad?07/15/2007
    Pediatric Healthcare Financing07/08/2007
    Changing Landscape of Primary Care Pediatrics07/08/2007
    The Good, Bad and Ugly of Retail-Based Clinics07/08/2007
    Addressing Pediatric Vaccine Reimbursements07/08/2007
    Gender Disorders07/01/2007
    Gender Verification of Olympic Athletes09/30/2007
    Growth Hormone Controversies07/01/2007
    Clinical Aspects of Short Stature07/01/2007
    Life of a Teen Post-Bariatric Surgery07/01/2007
    Surgical Treatment Options for Obese Teens07/01/2007
    Obese Teens: Is Surgery a Good Option?07/01/2007
    A Medical Understanding of Teen Obesity07/01/2007
    A Diagnosis of Autism: Effects on the Family06/03/2007
    Teen Challenges Post-Bariatric Surgery06/17/2007
    Psychosocial Issues of Teen Obesity06/17/2007
    Autism: Costs and Insurance Issues06/03/2007
    Autism: Interventional Techniques09/09/2007
    Early Identification of Autism06/03/2007
    Medical Thrillers: Writing Medical Fiction.09/02/2007
    Holistic Newborn Care06/17/2007
    Integrative Medicine in Pediatrics: Focus on Hypnosis05/13/2007
    Integrative Medicine in Pediatrics05/13/2007
    HIV/AIDS: The Economics of Treatment05/13/2007
    Adolescents and HIV/AIDS05/13/2007
    Baylor's Pediatric AIDS Initiative05/13/2007
    Advances in Care & Prevention of Pediatric AIDS05/13/2007
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Approaches to Care09/02/2007
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Comprehensive Care01/07/2007
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Presentations01/07/2007
    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Psychosocial Concerns05/20/2007
    The Peer Review Process05/06/2007
    HPV Vaccine - Controversy, Benefits and Concerns05/06/2007
    Antibiotic Resistance04/29/2007
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