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Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD
Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Regeneration of Insulin-Producing Islets in our Patients11/29/2013
    Biomolecular Advances in Diabetes Prevention11/06/2014
    Updates on Familial Dysautonomia Research: How a Fatal Disease Became Manageable08/27/2010
    The Most Common Pediatric Cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia08/20/2015
    Genetic Research into Hypodiploid ALL04/24/2015
    Repurposing Drugs for Pediatric Cancers04/10/2015
    Evidence-Based Medicine: Bringing Together the Art and Science of Clinical Practice05/11/2016
    Repurposing Drugs: Challenges and Triumphs from an Emerging Field05/06/2016
    Love It or Hate It: Changing Evidence Regarding Hormone Therapy03/08/2018
    When the Drug Fits: Examining Targeted Cancer Therapy12/05/2018
    Challenges in Management of MPS I02/24/2016
    Immune System Irregularities in Lysosomal Storage Disorders12/18/2015
    Musculoskeletal Aspects of MPS I: Diagnosis and Management Considerations03/16/2016
    Long Term Efficacy and Safety of Laronidase for MPS I08/28/2009
    The Emerging Field of Clinical Cancer Genomics09/04/2015
    Inherited Susceptibility to Common Cancers04/03/2015
    DNA Biobanks Empowering Personalized Medicine03/17/2016
    Drug Response Variability: Toward Customized Treatments for Arrhythmias02/26/2016
    New Advances in the Treatment of Familial Dysautonomia02/26/2010
    Uncovering the Gene Mutation for Familial Dysautonomia02/20/2009
    Speeding Up Translation of New Cancer Therapeutics01/30/2009
    The Biomedical Research Environment in Singapore01/19/2016
    Understanding and Treating Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome01/26/2016
    Myrovlytis Trust: Searching for Orphan Disease Cures01/21/2016
    Modernizing Drug Evaluation To Bring Faster Translation01/16/2009
    Sensory Substitution to Regain Vision and Balance04/18/2018
    Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation to Treat or Cure Disease01/01/2018
    Clinical Trials to Cure Type 1 Diabetes With Generic Drugs11/23/2015
    Do We Already Have the Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?11/18/2015
    Etiology and Treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema11/21/2014
    Strategies to Overcome Cancer Drug Resistance05/01/2009
    Thrombopoietin & Improved Platlet Disease Management11/21/2008
    New Drug Therapies for ITP10/26/2008
    Using Mouse Models to Understand Metastatic Cancer01/16/2018
    Adding a Ketogenic Diet to Chemo: Improved Outcomes?10/26/2015
    Ketogenic Diets: An Effective Therapy for Brain Cancer?10/21/2015
    Proprietary Data: Should Researchers Share?10/26/2008
    Cutbacks in Federal Funding for Cancer Research10/12/2008
    Uses for a Diaphragm-Pacing System Beyond ALS11/14/2008
    Surgical Technique To Implant Diaphragm Pacing System10/05/2008
    Cutting-Edge ALS Treatment: Helping Patients Breathe Easier10/19/2008
    Investing in Cures for Multiple Sclerosis11/02/2008
    A Model to Bring MS Research To Bedside Faster10/05/2008
    Robotic Surgical Advances for Prostatectomies09/28/2008
    The Advance of the Robot for Prostatectomy08/24/2008
    Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer Patients08/03/2008
    Rating Physicians: Google's Foray Into the Controversy09/07/2008
    Google Health: Privacy & Features08/10/2008
    Targeting Individualized Cancer Treatment08/03/2008
    Angiogenetic Therapies for Cancer Treatment08/31/2008
    Docs Involved in Oversight of Clinical Research07/13/2008
    Using Testosterone for Refractory Prostate Cancer06/08/2008
    From Medical Research to Treatment: Addressing the Process Setbacks06/22/2008
    Multiple Sclerosis: What's Being Done Now?08/17/2008
    The Myelin Repair Foundation & The ARC Research Model07/13/2008
    Multiple Sclerosis06/08/2008
    Stem Cell Research: The Mouse Incisor Model05/04/2008
    The Root of Tooth Regeneration and Stem Cells06/15/2008
    Stem Cell Research and Clinical Applications: Getting to the Tooth of the Matter05/18/2008
    The Efficacy of the 2007-2008 Influenza Vaccines08/17/2008
    The Dynamic World of Influenza Vaccination Recommendations03/08/2018
    Diagnostic Potential of Saliva Testing Explored04/27/2008
    The Body-Mouth Connection: How Dental Health Informs General Clinicians09/28/2017
    Mayo Clinic Symposium: Hematologic Malignancies04/27/2008
    Mayo Clinic: Hematologic Malignancies Symposium04/13/2008
    EGCG & Herbal Remedies in Early Stage CLL06/08/2008
    Life as a Physician Scientist04/06/2008
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Inherited Heart Diseases05/11/2008
    Neuromuscular Disease and Inherited Heart Diseases07/20/2008
    Inherited Heart Diseases06/15/2008
    Molecular Neurobiology in Spinal Cord Injuries and Strokes07/27/2008
    Neural Stem Cell Research and the Path Toward Repairing Nerve Damage03/09/2008
    Life as a Research Scientist in Cancer Research05/26/2016
    Peptide Stapling: A Novel Approach to Cancer Drug Development05/02/2016
    Life as a Physician Researcher05/04/2008
    Causes and Treatments for Pre-eclampsia03/23/2008
    New Research to Prevent or Treat Pre-eclampsia07/20/2008
    Pre-eclampsia: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment06/22/2008
    Breakaway from Cancer02/10/2008
    What triggers stem cells to differentiate?02/17/2008
    Biology of Embryonic Stem Cells03/30/2008
    Religious Implications For The End Of Life05/25/2008
    Terry Schiavo: Religious and Medical Decisions04/06/2008
    IHI's 5 Million Lives Campaign12/30/2007
    IHI's 100,000 Lives Campaign02/17/2008
    Isradipine for Parkinson’s03/30/2008
    Medical Tales From The Fire Chief ,Over 28 Years02/24/2008
    The EMS System, EMTs, Paramedics & Healthcare01/27/2008
    EMS System: It's Beginning and Where is it Going?12/23/2007
    Improving Physician/Hospital Relationships03/02/2008
    Healthcare Financing and Alternative Opportunities01/27/2008
    Healthcare Facility Planning: Wellness Centers02/10/2008
    Helping Doctors Manage the Business of Wellness06/22/2008
    Midwives: The Clinical Support They Provide07/06/2008
    Midwives: Importance to Medical Team and Patients03/30/2008
    Isradipine for Parkinson's: A Potential Cure?01/27/2008
    New Standards to Evaluate Residents and Medical Students05/25/2008
    Concierge Practice: A Physician's Personal Experience06/29/2008
    EHR's: Are they Safe, Efficient and Effective?04/20/2008
    Warning: Cough Meds. and Antihistamines for Kids10/31/2007
    Government's Affects on American Center for Cures12/23/2007
    How to Drive Better Treatments to Patients in Need12/16/2007
    Critical Need for American Center for Cures in US12/09/2007
    How to Make American Center for Cures a Reality03/30/2008
    Funding for Type1 Diabetes Cure Research11/25/2007
    What is a midwife?02/03/2008
    Clinical Implications of Transfusing Stored Blood05/25/2008
    Can Stored Blood Have Negative Consequences?03/23/2008
    Type1 Diabetes Cure Research & Autoimmune Diseases11/14/2008
    Type 1 Diabetes: Control and Cure11/21/2008
    Repurposing Pharmaceutical and Botanical Medicines for Rare Diseases12/16/2007
    Research Breakthrough In ALPS01/20/2008
    Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome08/10/2008
    Life As A Physician Scientist02/24/2008
    Life as a Physician Scientist02/10/2008
    Proteomics,Genomics and Everything In Between01/13/2008
    Targeted Therapies in Cancer Research04/27/2008
    Cancer Research Trials and Tribulations04/13/2008
    Made To Stick Principles in Medical Settings02/03/2008
    Made To Stick in a Healthcare Setting05/18/2008
    How Made to Stick Concepts Apply to Healthcare04/20/2008
    What Makes Certain Ideas Sticky and Others Not?03/09/2008
    Personal Experience when Stricken with Cancer06/20/2016
    Public/Private Enterprise to Drive Cures to Patients02/03/2008
    Research and the American Center for Cures01/13/2008
    The American Center for Cures03/16/2008
    Competing Priorities in Medical Research05/11/2008
    Genetic Analysis Assists in Understanding Epilepsy12/16/2007
    Computer Simulation Assists in Genetic Analysis01/06/2008
    Discovering Genes that Influence Disease10/14/2007
    Limit Spread of Infectious Disease in Community10/21/2007
    Evacuating Patients Under Duress10/01/2009
    Medical Response in Large Scale Emergency09/30/2007
    First Hand stories from the Minn. Bridge Collapse11/25/2007
    How muti-jurisdictions work together in a disaster01/27/2008
    Minneapolis Bridge: Plan vs reality of rescue work09/23/2007
    Hospital Preparedness in a Disaster09/07/2008
    Public/Private Partnership in disaster prep01/20/2008
    Preparations for a Pandemic Flu Outbreak09/28/2008
    A Physician's New Career in Disaster Planning09/24/2010
    Emergency Preparedness During a Disaster09/30/2007
    Incident Management in Worst of Times09/23/2007
    ER Physician at Minneapolis Bridge Disaster09/09/2007
    Physician's response on a disaster scene12/23/2007
    Incident management during a disaster09/30/2007
    The hospital role in care during a disaster09/16/2007
    Pre-Hospital Phase of a Disaster09/14/2008
    The constitutionality of Lethal Injection12/02/2007
    Physician's Participation in Lethal Injections11/11/2007
    Global Perspective of the Death Penalty and the Do10/14/2007
    The Paradigm Shift in Medical Oncology02/26/2021
    The Role of Genetics and Biomarketers in Treatment11/04/2007
    The new molecularly targeted drugs10/07/2007
    The Paradox in US Health Care08/26/2007
    Life of a Research Scientist10/21/2007
    Micro-container Patent10/07/2007
    Comparison of Cell Based Therapies08/26/2007
    Cell Based Therapies11/04/2007
    Autophagy and Anoikis08/19/2007
    Life of a research scientist-Debnath08/26/2007
    A Human CLINICAL Trial of Engineered ASCT08/26/2007
    A Human CLINICAL Trial of Engineered ASCT10/07/2007
    Life of a Research Scientist09/16/2007
    Dual Practice: Seeing patients&Conducting Research08/12/2007
    Type I diabetes - How close are we to a cure?08/12/2007
    Life of a research Scientist11/04/2007
    Type I diabetes - How close are we to a cure?08/12/2007
    When to settle and when to go to trial?05/05/2016
    When to settle and when to go to trial11/19/2015
    A physician’s medical malpractice journey02/18/2016
    Medical Malpractice02/19/2016
    Changes in Med. Schools & The Practicing Physician08/05/2007
    New Medical Schools and Training of Physicians12/30/2007
    Two Years to the Cure Initiative04/08/2007
    Challenges of getting cures to patients04/08/2007
    Testing FDA Approved Drugs for New Indications04/08/2007
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