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Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
Emergency Doctors' Battle Against Accusations of Costing the System09/23/2011
JAMA's 16th Editor and the Digital Age05/20/2011
A New and Affordable Primary Care Model Emerges05/03/2016
The Henrietta Lacks Foundation Gives Back04/21/2016
How to Discuss Comparative Costs of Care With Your Patients06/20/2016
The Growth of Milk Banks for American Mothers10/15/2015
The Corporate Role in the Battle Against Obesity03/05/2015
Review of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act05/04/2016
The Impact of the Medical-Loss Ratio01/28/2011
Prescriptions for OTC Drugs? New Rules for Flexible Spending Accounts02/04/2011
An AMA Perspective on the Relative Value Scale Update Committee12/24/2010
Reducing Errors at the 'Hand Off'05/06/2016
A Look at an AMA Committee's Clout in Setting Medicare Prices12/17/2010
The Cost of Diabetes to the Healthcare System01/02/2015
High Fructose Corn Syrup and Diabetes: Is Sugar Any Better?03/12/2015
The Urban Health Iniative: Re-Inventing Medical Care in Urban Areas06/22/2016
Doctor Ratings Launch Amid Controversy, But are Here to Stay02/23/2016
US Overhaul of Bioterrorism, Pandemic Flu Plans Could Speed Vaccine and Drug Production10/01/2010
A More Resilient Health System in Katrina's Wake09/24/2010
Health Reform and Myths About the Emergency Department01/27/2012
Factory Efficiency Comes to Healthcare02/25/2016
Health Courts and Mediation Alternatives09/03/2010
Addressing the Psychiatrist Shortage02/26/2016
New AMA President-Elect and an 'Edgier' Doctors' Group07/30/2010
New Benefits for Children Under the Healthcare Reform Law08/27/2010
Tomorrow's Pediatric Hospitals and Health Facilities09/03/2010
The Certified Sales Rep07/09/2010
The Path to FDA Approval for a Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine11/18/2015
New Frontiers and Challenges for Alzheimer's Drugs10/12/2017
Potentially Huge Savings When Patients Adhere to their Prescriptions04/08/2011
Wellness Initiatives and the Physician03/11/2011
President Obama's Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues05/28/2010
Is the Future of the Physician-Scientist in Danger?01/15/2015
Can Social Networking Revolutionize Disease Management?10/08/2010
The Battle Continues Against Pharmacological Cheating in Sports07/17/2015
Rewriting the DSM03/19/2010
Rise of Specialties & Healthcare Costs: Flexner's Impact?01/07/2011
Debunking the Political Spin on Canadian Health Care03/05/2010
New Federal Rules for Electronic Health Record Systems02/12/2010
Health Care Business 101 & Then Some03/04/2011
Pro Football Players and Brain Injury: New Guidelines07/09/2010
Is Less More? Spending for Better Outcomes08/24/2012
Plant Medicine: Algae as a Malaria Treatment01/22/2015
Paying More For Worse Outcomes: Behavioral Economics & Healthcare11/05/2010
Locating the Medical Home Within Healthcare Reform12/18/2009
Locum Tenens: More Than a Temporary Career Choice10/30/2009
Services to Encourage More Involved, Informed Patients10/23/2009
Former Health Insurance Insider Turns Critic10/16/2009
Some Straight Talk on Jargon10/09/2009
Can an Insurance Exchange Aid in Coverage for All?10/01/2009
What Biotech Companies Want in Generic Legislation10/01/2009
Wireless Connectivity Makes Strides in Healthcare10/09/2009
The Case for Less Expensive Biotech Drugs09/25/2009
Evaluating the Hospital Report Card09/18/2009
What We Can Learn From Intermountain Healthcare09/04/2009
What Makes Geisinger Health System an Example09/25/2009
Hospital System Has Head Start on Electronic Records09/11/2009
The Movement to Ban Drug Industry Gift-Giving to Doctors09/11/2009
Friends and Followers: Social Media and Healthcare01/08/2015
In-Store Retail Clinics Expanding Services08/30/2009
Continued Coverage: Voting Round-Up From the AMA07/03/2009
Issues in Funding Pluripotent Stem Cell Research07/24/2009
Pittsburgh Steelers Doc Talks Concussions, Preventive Health07/30/2010
Understanding Why Drugs are More Dangerous for Some08/07/2009
New Frontiers in Embryonic Stem Cell Research07/31/2009
Single Payer Health Coverage's Fighting Chance07/10/2009
Is There a Health Informatics Specialist in the House?11/13/2009
Putting a Price on Quality When it Comes to Prescriptions06/26/2009
Lost in Translation: A Tech Solution for the Multi-Lingual ED08/28/2009
Federal Funding Controversies and Stem Cell Research06/05/2009
Urban Hospital Closings: What Lies Ahead?06/19/2009
E-Sampling and Online Marketing Coming to Doctors11/27/2009
Delivering Asthma Drugs With Nanoparticles06/05/2015
When Drug Companies Merge & the Effect on Your Practice05/08/2009
Washington's Push For Evidence-Based Medicine06/12/2009
Comparative Effectiveness and the Economic Stimulus Package05/01/2009
Coming Soon: More Targeted Oral Asthma Therapies06/21/2013
New 'eRisk Guidelines' for Online Communication08/14/2009
Managing the Risks Associated With Telemedicine12/04/2009
Breast Reconstruction With Help From Stem Cells06/12/2009
Real Uses for Stem Cells On the Horizon04/24/2009
Beyond the Embryonic Stem Cell Debate05/22/2009
Stem Cell Treatments for Man's Best Friend and Man Himself04/10/2009
What's in the Economic Stimulus Package for Healthcare?05/15/2009
The Fortune 100's Wish List for Healthcare Reform04/03/2009
New Technology Platforms to Detect Lymphedema04/24/2009
Lymphedema: The Untold Story After Mastectomy03/23/2018
New Tests for Respiratory Diseases and Superbugs05/15/2009
New Diagnostics to Combat MRSA 'Superbug'03/13/2009
A Way to Boost Cancer Cell Vulnerability to Chemotherapy08/07/2015
Potential Future Treatments for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)11/19/2015
Saving Lives With CPR and AED02/06/2015
Integrating Online Heart Disease Risk Assessments into Practice03/15/2016
Combination Therapy to Manage Lipids02/27/2009
Beyond LDL: New Treatment Options to Manage Lipids02/19/2010
Researching Ways to Treat Aortic Stenosis02/18/2011
The FAME Study, Fractional Flow Reserve and Reducing Heart Attacks02/13/2009
Organized Labor Flourishes in Health Care Despite Industry Woes03/06/2009
Obama's Labor Ally in the Healthcare Debate02/13/2009
Finding the Innovator in Each of Us01/30/2009
Embracing Innovation in Healthcare01/30/2015
A National Consensus Is Forming on Perinatal Quality01/30/2009
Coming Soon To a Hospital Near You: 17 Perinatal Quality Standards01/16/2009
Borrowing from Airline and Space Industries to Reduce Medication Errors01/23/2009
Reducing Medical Errors at the Bedside01/09/2009
What is the Benefit of Market Research for Physicians?03/27/2009
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Becomes Targeted, Less Intrusive to Doctors01/02/2009
Government Health Benefits and the Economy03/20/2009
Rising Health Costs and the Impact on Consumers01/23/2009
Mild Exercise and Reducing the Complications of Diabetes11/20/2015
The Need for Evidenced-Based Maternity Care11/01/2019
Lack of Support For a Mother's Postpartum Experience01/15/2018
Who Wants a Career in Internal Medicine? Fewer Do12/19/2008
The Changing Job Market for Physicians03/13/2009
Over-The-Counter Options for Diabetics11/14/2008
Your Patient's Drug Bill Keeps Growing: What to Tell Them?11/02/2008
Medical Tourism: Weighing the Benefits and Worries01/28/2016
Buying Into Telemedicine Payments to Doctors10/12/2008
Pharma and Biotech Industries Pursue Treatments for Cardiac Inflammation12/12/2008
Treatments for Cardiac Blood Vessel Inflammation In the Works11/21/2008
After More Than 150 Years, Recent Progress in Atherosclerosis Treatment10/26/2008
Quicker Diagnostic Testing of Cardiac Conditions in the ER11/02/2008
The Lab in the Doctor's Hands: Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing10/05/2008
Targeted Anticoagulants Move From Lab to Patient Trials11/14/2008
Moving Toward Synthetic Alternatives to Heparin09/28/2008
Drug Innovations Coming From Outside Big Pharma11/07/2008
Drugmakers' Foray into the Combination Pill Market09/21/2008
Thoughts on New Pharma Marketing Guidelines09/21/2008
An Insurance Industry Perspective on the Medical Home10/12/2008
An Effort to Save 5 Million Lives09/14/2008
Why Are There So Few Women in Neurosurgery?01/30/2018
How Hospitals Can Implement Health Technology Assessment11/21/2008
Assessing the Value of Medical Technology01/09/2009
Social Networking in Health Care08/31/2008
Can the Medical Community Reduce Underage Drinking?11/02/2008
The Scope of the Underage Drinking Problem09/14/2008
Patients and Doctors Benefit When the Physician and Administrator Become a Team10/19/2008
Physician Incomes Outpaced by Inflation09/14/2008
How to Deal With the Crushing Administrative Burdens of Your Practice08/24/2008
Issues in Care of 'Masters Athletes'07/23/2015
Older Athletes: Different Medical Needs Among Masters02/28/2018
Addressing Concerns About Medical Tourism12/12/2008
Similarities Between the Obama and McCain Health Plans10/19/2008
Healthcare Reform: Focusing on Fundamentals10/05/2008
A Physician's Guide to Medical Tourism07/20/2008
A Treatment for Medical Claims: The First Health Insurer Report Card07/13/2008
Doctors who Blog09/07/2008
Health Blogs and the News That Makes Them07/27/2008
Where Should Patients Seek Quality Consumer Medical Info?10/12/2008
Alerts for Physician Prescribing Errors08/17/2008
Hospitals Making Leaps in Quality Improvement07/20/2008
Leading the Movement Toward Healthcare Ratings10/05/2008
The Latest in the Ratings Craze: Ranking Prescription Drugs08/31/2008
A Ratings Company's Stance on What Providers Need to Know08/03/2008
A Telemedicine Consult in War-Torn Areas01/01/2010
Osteopathic Medicine's Importance to the Healthcare System09/07/2008
The Osteopath's Role in Encouraging Patients Toward a Medical Home07/27/2008
The Osteopathic Physician's Role in Primary Care06/22/2008
Docs in the Field Helping Drug Makers With Discoveries09/21/2008
Finding & Developing Drugs for Rare Conditions06/22/2008
Orphan Drug Act: 25 Years of Treating Rare Illnesses08/17/2008
Stem Cell Therapy: A Major Regulatory Milestone06/29/2008
Parsing the Debate Over Embryonic Stem Cells06/08/2008
The Promise of Stem Cells Reaching Patients08/10/2008
Academic Medicine's Needs to Satisfy Physician Demand08/17/2008
Education, Research & NIH's Beleagured Budget07/13/2008
Medical Education and the Health Reform Debate06/01/2008
Counter Detailing: Advancing the Generic Drug Movement07/20/2008
Improving the Safety of Generic Pharmaceuticals06/22/2008
Are Cheaper Biotech Drugs Coming?05/25/2008
Kaiser's Treatment of Doctor-Pharma Interactions07/13/2008
Kaiser's Cure for Improving Care: Get Integrated05/18/2008
Kaiser Permanente's Focus on Medical Records06/15/2008
Sending out an SOS to Docs: Helping the Uninsured Gain Access to Medicines06/15/2008
A public-private partnership for low cost medicines04/27/2008
Are Physician-Owned Hospitals Under Attack?05/18/2008
Facing New Business Challenges in Surgery Centers04/20/2008
Hope: A Complement to Cancer Treatment01/31/2018
Pathways to Customer-Friendly Cancer Care03/07/2018
Quality Health Care at an Affordable Price? The Joint Commission Weighs In06/15/2008
Setting Standards in the Health Reform Debate: the Joint Commission's Push for Care Quality05/11/2008
Overuse, Underuse, and Misuse of Medical Care: The Joint Commission's Charge04/20/2008
Improving Health Care Through Medical Simulation05/11/2008
The Legislative Push for Patient Medical Homes10/19/2008
Retail Clinics: the AAFP Weighs in on What Doctors Should Know08/10/2008
Hotels, Cars and Now Doctors: How Ratings Have Reached the Medical Arena06/08/2008
Managing Diabetes at the Pharmacy Counter11/07/2008
The Benefits of Evidence-Based Health Plan Design05/11/2008
Improving Medication Adherence in Elderly Patients10/19/2012
Coming Soon: Shopping for Hospital Care Made Easy05/04/2008
Hospitals Move Toward Connectivity via Health IT05/25/2008
The Plan for Hospitals in Covering the Uninsured07/06/2008
The Latest in Medical Care at Women's Hospitals03/30/2008
Women's Care in Hospitals: More Than Obstetrics03/09/2008
Employers Entice Patients With Gifts, Urging Them to Get Care05/04/2008
Employers' New Drug Cost Control: Pay for Them!03/23/2008
Stem cells to regenerate the heart02/24/2008
Making Progress With Stem Cell Treatments07/06/2008
The AMA's Push to Promote Healthy Lifestyles03/23/2008
The AMA's Plan to Contain Medical Spending03/16/2008
The AMA's Answer to Covering the Uninsured02/24/2008
Boosting Practice Revenue in Tough Economic Times07/06/2008
Moving Diagnostic Tests to the Point of Care03/23/2008
Can Private Equity Help Improve Quality of Care?03/02/2008
Managing Risk of Medical Errors and Trial Lawyers03/30/2008
Tort Reform's Momentum and its Benefit to Doctors03/16/2008
Malpractice Claims: The Impact of System Errors06/29/2008
Physician Dedication Wanes, Yet Docs Press On: Staffing Challenges and Solutions06/22/2008
Health Insurers' Plans to Cover the Uninsured06/01/2008
Medical Device Reform and its Meaning to Doctors05/25/2008
Could a Google-Like Solution Save Health Care?04/13/2008
Finding Predispositions to Serious Drug Reactions04/13/2008
A Rate War Among Malpractice Carriers is Coming11/18/2007
Medical Malpractice Reform on the Move04/06/2008
You, Too, Can Build a New Children's Hospital05/25/2008
Hotel-like amenities at Children's Hospitals12/30/2007
Healthcare Costs Soar, But Research Spending Lags12/16/2007
Embryonic stem cell research chances11/25/2007
A Crisis in Medical Research Funding04/27/2008
The Joint Commission's Dr. Dennis O'Leary on patient safety11/18/2007
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