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Cathleen Margolin, PhD
Cathleen Margolin, PhD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    UMMA Clinic: Bridging Cultural Divides Through Health Care07/23/2010
    The Beef on Red Meat: Unhealthy on Many Levels03/06/2015
    Banning Blood Donations From Men Who Have Sex With Men06/24/2011
    A Closer Look at the Health Claims Behind Berries05/08/2015
    Complementary Treatment Methods Alongside Traditional Cancer Care05/01/2015
    Payoffs and Pitfalls of E-Communication in Psychiatry08/30/2017
    Considering Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs for the Healthy09/26/2017
    The Human Toll of South Africa's Early AIDS Policies05/06/2016
    Integrative Medicine: Bridging Western and Eastern Healing Methods02/05/2010
    Community Based Initiatives for Diabetes Around the Globe11/25/2015
    Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression01/15/2018
    Neural Network Models of Depression04/19/2018
    Expedited Partner Therapy for STDs: Legal and Clinical Factors11/02/2008
    Expedited Partner Therapy for STDs vs. Traditional Care10/26/2008
    A New Outreach Program to Find College Students at Risk for Suicide11/28/2008
    Special Populations At Risk for Suicide: Young Adults and Physicians04/25/2018
    Assessing Suicide Risk in Young Adults01/17/2018
    The Link Between HPV and Throat Cancer09/14/2008
    Maintaining Professionalism With Pediatric Patients & Their Families08/07/2015
    Working Through the Difficult Pediatric Encounter09/18/2015
    Managing Patient Anger During Clinical Visits02/14/2018
    Surplus: Sharing Equipment With the World01/29/2016
    Advocating for More Effective Responses to the HIV/AIDS Crisis01/07/2016
    The Spread of HIV Through Sexual Violence Against Women03/01/2018
    The Dogged Pursuit of an AIDS-Free World12/18/2015
    Study of the History of Psychiatry05/04/2016
    Psychiatry as the Rulemaker of Acceptable Behavior06/21/2016
    The Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy Today02/19/2016
    The History of Electroconvulsive Therapy03/14/2016
    Memories of 9/11 from a Neurosurgeon's Perspective09/14/2008
    The Female Neurosurgeon's Perspective03/17/2016
    The Challenging Demands Faced by the Neurosurgeon09/28/2016
    The Neurosurgery Resident's Experience09/28/2016
    Another Day in the Frontal Lobe09/26/2016
    Involvement of Medical Personnel in Interrogations11/11/2007
    The History of Medicine and Torture08/12/2007
    Ethical argument against torture08/05/2007
    Abu Gharaib: Where were the doctors and nurses?08/05/2007
    Ultrasound Guided Thrombolysis11/11/2007
    Embolization to Treat Uterine Fibroids12/30/2007
    Latest Techniques for Treating Varicose Veins09/16/2007
    Special Concerns of the Adolescent Male Patient11/11/2007
    The Adolescent Male Health Visit06/29/2008
    Use of the Health Care System by Adolescent Males10/21/2007
    Reproductive Health in Adolescent Males06/22/2008
    A Peace Corps for Health07/29/2007
    Global Challenges of the HIV Epidemic07/29/2007
    Self-Sufficiency in Medical Education11/04/2007
    The Metrics of the Brain Drain11/25/2007
    The Physician's Role - Consumer-Driven Health Care08/05/2007
    Applying Consumer-Driven Health Care to the U.S.11/18/2007
    Who Killed Health Care?10/21/2007
    Parent's Involvement in Therapy for Children10/28/2007
    Conduct Disorder10/14/2007
    Manual-Based Treatment07/08/2007
    Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified11/04/2007
    Bulimia Nervosa07/08/2007
    Anorexia Nervosa07/08/2007
    Solutions for Soaring Health Care Costs08/19/2007
    Reasons for Soaring Health Care Costs08/19/2007
    Health Care Reform and the 2008 Elections06/24/2007
    Rationing of Health Care09/30/2007
    Worldwide Use of the HPV Vaccine09/23/2007
    Public Policy and the HPV Vaccine06/10/2007
    HPV Vaccine in the U.S.06/10/2007
    Quadrivalent Vaccine Against HPV06/10/2007
    Picky Eaters11/19/2015
    The Causes of OCD08/19/2007
    Treatment of OCD06/10/2007
    The Accurate Diagnosis of OCD08/26/2007
    Using the 9.4 Tesla MRI to Study the Human Brain09/02/2007
    9.4 Tesla fMRI05/27/2007
    Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging05/27/2007
    Brain Studies of Satisfaction and Pain01/07/2007
    Understanding the Teenage Brain05/20/2007
    Flourishing - Positive Mental Health05/20/2007
    Predictive Health01/07/2007
    Mental Health of American Adolescents10/28/2007
    Mental Health and Cardiovascular Disease09/23/2007
    Current Trends in Tobacco Advertising10/21/2007
    Skin Cancer Prevention05/06/2007
    Researching How Restaurants Plan Menus09/16/2007
    Diabetic Kidney Disease Prevention01/07/2007
    Adjustment to Diabetes Diagnosis / New Technology01/07/2007
    Trends in the Treatment of Type 1 diabetes01/07/2007
    Intensive Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes01/07/2007
    Identification and Management of Type 1 Diabetes01/14/2007
    Building a Hospital in Nairobi04/15/2007
    Building a Hospital in Nairobi10/07/2007
    Pediatric Emergency Care06/17/2007
    All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety for Children04/22/2007
    Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in Children04/22/2007
    Organic vs Genetically Modified Foods and Trans Fats10/14/2007
    Food Safety09/16/2007
    What to Eat04/29/2007
    Childhood Obesity and Recent Societal Changes04/29/2007
    Initimate Partner Violence04/22/2007
    Corporate Angels Network: Contributing Partners01/07/2007
    Corporate Angel Network: Helping Cancer Patients09/30/2007
    Immunization: Pneumococcal Vaccine04/01/2007
    Patient Empowerment and Rapid Response04/01/2007
    Influence of Advertising on Children04/01/2007
    Cancer Survivorship: Information and Statistics04/01/2007
    Interview with the President of Livestrong09/30/2007

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