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Janet Wright, MD
Janet Wright, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Million Hearts Initiative with Dr. Janet Wright, Executive Director01/29/2018
    Revising CPR to Improve Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Outside the Hospital11/21/2018
    Identifying Unstable Coronary Plaques11/27/2018
    Examining Links Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Cardiovascular Disease11/30/2018
    Genetic Testing for Long QT Syndrome11/14/2018
    Simple Screening for Older Patients Considering Cardiac Surgery11/12/2018
    The Obesity Epidemic in Mississippi: A Mirror for the Nation03/07/2018
    Part 2: A Plant-Based Diet for Preventing and Possibly Reversing Coronary Artery Disease04/11/2018
    Could Silkworms Help Repair Clogged Arteries?02/21/2018
    When More Isn't Better: Questioning the Efficacy of Common Cardiovascular Treatments12/07/2017
    The Complexity of Medication Management for Older Patients with Heart Failure05/04/2016
    Evaluation of Second Generation Drug-Eluting Stents04/19/2017
    Part 1: A Plant-Based Diet for Preventing and Possibly Reversing Coronary Artery Disease10/11/2017
    Faster Treatment of MI with the Help of Wireless EKG Programs05/06/2016
    PPIs and Antiplatelet Therapy: Weighing the Benefits and Risks04/21/2016
    Fortilin and Targeted Molecular Therapy for Preventing Atherosclerosis04/22/2016
    Should We Screen Asymptomatic Patients for Subclinical Atherosclerosis?06/25/2016
    Anticoagulation Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation02/12/2016
    Genetic Clues to Heart Health12/30/2015
    Comparative-Effectiveness Research on Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators03/17/2016
    The 50th Anniversary of the First Prosthetic Heart Valve05/13/2011
    Expanding the Anti-Arrhythmia Armamentarium: Where Does Dronedarone Fit In?02/18/2016
    Should We Add ECG to Routine Screening of Young Athletes?12/18/2015
    Linking Air Pollution and Heart Disease12/17/2015
    All Things in Moderation: Small Lifestyle Changes for Cardiovascular Health03/16/2016
    The Clinically Broken Heart: Stress-Induced Cardiomyopathy03/09/2018
    Catheter Ablation Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation01/05/2016
    The Road Less Traveled: Recognizing Comorbidities and Non-Traditional Characteristics in Patients...03/15/2016
    The Myths and Realities of Myocardial Infarction Prevention With Vaccination02/19/2016
    The Heart and the Lungs: Linking COPD and Cardiac Output03/18/2016
    Global Disparities in Arrhythmia Management01/06/2016
    A Global Issue: Obesity and Improving Cardiovascular Health in Children03/18/2016
    Heart Disease in Ancient Egyptians09/01/2016
    Glucose Control After Acute Myocardial Infarction01/08/2016
    Can Autologous Stem Cells Reverse the Damage of a Heart Attack?12/16/2015
    Future Cardiovascular Disease & the Big Impact of Small Salt Reductions07/16/2015
    As Prescribed: Meeting the Challenges of Medication Adherence06/19/2015
    Cardiac Care on Ice: Therapeutic Hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest10/05/2016
    Troponin Assays for Diagnosing Myocardial Infarction03/23/2012
    New Recommendations for STEMI and PCI01/01/2010
    The Role of Cardiac Resynchronization in the Prevention of Heart Failure11/20/2009
    The Hypertension Paradox: Better Treatment, Worse Outcomes06/12/2015
    Pediatric Heart Disease: The Need for More Rigorous Clinical Evidence03/02/2012
    My Heart Your Heart: Explanting Pacemakers to Reuse Abroad10/23/2009
    The Scientific Pursuit of More Precise Care11/07/2017
    Endoscopic Vein-Graft Harvesting in CABG Procedures09/11/2009
    Walk for Cardiovascular Health: Programs Around the Country09/25/2009
    The Possibility of Cardiac Cell Regeneration08/28/2009
    Framingham: The Foundation of Modern Heart Research08/14/2009
    How to Achieve, Measure, and Maintain Quality of Care07/31/2009
    Cardiac Care for a Young, At-Risk Population in Saudi Arabia07/03/2015
    Forging a Path Toward Cardiac Applications for Stem Cells10/09/2009
    How Close Are We to a Cardiac Polypill?06/05/2009
    Contraceptive Hormones and CV Disease: Pursuing the Link06/26/2009
    Stable Coronary Artery Disease: PCI Versus Medical Therapy11/06/2009
    Women and Heart Disease: Closing the Outcomes Gap05/22/2009
    The Right Test at the Right Time: Progress in Cardiac Imaging04/10/2009
    Coronary CT Angiography: To Order or Not to Order?05/15/2009
    The Cost-Benefit Calculus of CT Angiograms01/23/2009
    Easing the Healthcare Burden on Small Businesses02/06/2009
    Industry and Healthcare: Sorting Out Potential Conflicts02/27/2009
    Advances in Managing Atrial Fibrillation03/20/2009
    Recognizing the Subtle Signs of Aortic Valve Disease12/23/2019
    Developments in Surgical Therapies for Valve Disease01/02/2009
    Close a Hole in the Heart, Heal Pain in the Head?05/29/2009
    Updating Guidelines for Unstable Angina and NSTEMI05/01/2009
    Updating Guidelines for ST-Elevation MI12/12/2008
    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Diagnosis and Treatment01/06/2020
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