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Larry Kaskel, MD
Larry Kaskel, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Weighing the Adverse Effects of Fructose vs. Glucose03/20/2015
    The Argument for a Soda Tax10/09/2009
    Lasting Medical Impacts of the 1984 Bhopal Disaster09/24/2010
    Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome10/23/2009
    Adding Ancillaries: Balancing Clinical Needs with Finances07/17/2009
    Erectile Dysfunction: A Window Into Cardiovascular Health03/24/2016
    Trends in Stratifying Those With Cardiometabolic Risk11/13/2009
    Tips for Starting a New Practice01/23/2015
    Finding Weight Loss Success in a Team-Based Approach05/22/2009
    Putting Your Practice’s Inventory on a ‘No Pork Diet’05/28/2010
    Savvy Tips for Marketing Your Practice on a Tight Budget12/18/2009
    Helping Patients Find Better Deals on Tests and Medicines05/08/2009
    Maintaining Your Practice Through Tough Economic Times04/16/2010
    24-Hour Clinics: Around the Clock Care in NYC05/29/2009
    Testing to Trace Cancers of Unknown Primary Origin07/17/2015
    3D Imaging for Stroke-Inducing Carotid Artery Disease02/25/2016
    Keys to Weight Loss: Specific Nutrients or Just Calories?11/06/2009
    Lipid Lowering: The End or the Means to Better CV Results?07/17/2009
    The Do's and Don'ts of Buying an EMR09/11/2009
    Digital Developments to Help Validate Insurance at Check-In04/09/2010
    Advantages and Pitfalls of Real-Time Claims Adjudication12/25/2009
    Pursuing Ever More Accurate Cardiovascular Risk Projections10/16/2009
    Are Older Drugs 'In' Again for Depression in Parkinson’s?05/14/2015
    Keys to Reversing Pediatric Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease06/08/2016
    Will You Be Sorry? How to Handle a Medical Mistake01/29/2010
    Treating Temporal Lobe Epilepsy With Surgery03/06/2009
    Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Good for the Heart02/11/2016
    Eating for Cardiovascular Health10/01/2009
    Is Cardiac Resynchronization Beneficial?02/26/2015
    Can Viagra Protect the Heart?02/19/2015
    Medical Foods Explained03/20/2009
    Managing Chronic Diseases With Therapeutic Lifestyle Programs02/20/2009
    A Critical View of JUPITER02/06/2009
    Hormone Replacement Therapy and Heart Disease09/11/2009
    Breath-Analyzing Laser Technologies to Assess Health: the Optical Frequency Comb01/15/2015
    Impact of Healthcare Spending on the Economy02/27/2009
    NHANES Database Reveals Skyrocketing Triglyceride Levels01/01/2010
    In a Sick Market, Medical Offices Are a Healthier Asset02/06/2009
    A Pacemaker for the Brain? Developments in Neuroprosthetics01/23/2015
    Protective Hypothermia: Medical Ice Slurry Technology02/06/2015
    Carotid Ultrasound Scans for Assessing Cardiovascular Risk12/11/2009
    What Does an Office Visit Really Cost?03/26/2018
    Borrowing 'Six Sigma' Measurements From Business03/27/2018
    Lowering Lipids Through Therapeutic Lifestyle Change12/04/2009
    Good and Bad Dietary Fats Explained03/06/2009
    Does a Poor Economy Improve Public Health?12/26/2008
    Year in Review: Key Lipid Clinical Trials of 200812/26/2008
    JUPITER Study Shows Statins Help Even If Cholesterol Is Normal12/05/2008
    Using Calcium Scoring for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction08/14/2009
    Executive Physicals: Harmful to Health?04/02/2018
    Study Shows Uncertainty in Role of Statins in Primary Prevention For Women12/26/2008
    Insulin-Like Effects on Exercising Muscles10/01/2015
    Stark Law Updates12/19/2008
    Developing Trends in Medical Practice Revenue and Operating Expenses12/12/2008
    Smoking Cessation Strategies for the 21st Century11/27/2009
    Results of ADVANCE Diabetes Trial11/21/2008
    Aspirin Resistance and Its Implications in Clinical Practice04/03/2018
    Tuition Free Medical School11/21/2008
    Texas: Tort Reform Success Story11/14/2008
    Circumcision Reduces the Risk of HIV Infection12/05/2008
    The Importance of Non-HDL Cholesterol Testing11/20/2009
    Cholesterol Management in Children10/12/2008
    Fish Consumption Fights Heart Disease02/06/2009
    Status Report on US Retail Health Clinics01/02/2009
    Retail Clinics: Gold Mines or Flops?11/02/2008
    Disaster Preparedness & Daily Operations in the ER09/18/2009
    Emergency Department Designed to Manage All Risks09/21/2008
    Legal Issues Concerning the Concierge Practice11/14/2008
    Analysis of the Interheart Study09/21/2008
    High-Tech Cardiovascular Risk Assessment10/26/2008
    Do Celebrity Heart Attacks Influence Public Health?11/07/2008
    Connecting the Dots: Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease10/05/2008
    E-Discovery Protection: Insurance Coverage & Electronic Records10/26/2008
    Warning: The Risks of Prescribing "Off-Label"05/15/2015
    Preemption: A Physician's Friend or Foe?10/12/2008
    Pharmacy Robot Works 24/7 to Eliminate Errors12/05/2008
    From Tragedy to Opportunity: Founding Practice Pearls02/07/2018
    Discovering More Cash in Your Practice11/21/2008
    Outsourcing Delinquent Debt Collections09/14/2008
    The ERA JUMP Study: Reevaluating the Omega-3 Index09/28/2008
    Personal Money Management for Physicians05/09/2014
    Investment Decisions in a Down Market11/28/2008
    Improve Staff Utilization in Your Practice02/26/2018
    Hospital Owned Medical Practices: Tips for Success02/07/2018
    Could Statins Protect Against Cognitive Decline?08/24/2008
    Lipid-Lowering Effects of Thyroid Hormone08/31/2008
    Secondary Contamination: A Threat to Our Safety?10/01/2010
    Building a Medical Home From the Ground Up12/12/2008
    What Makes a Medical Home a Medical Home?10/05/2008
    Looking Beyond LDL to Reduce Cardiovascular Events11/02/2008
    Robotic Telemedicine In The Neurology Department11/02/2008
    Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adolescents08/17/2008
    Managing Insulin-Resistant Patients With Multiple Risk Factors08/10/2008
    The Business of Physician Rankings10/19/2008
    Should We Fear Patient Ranking Systems?01/30/2009
    Physician Opportunity: Bringing a New Product to Market09/07/2008
    deCode MI: Another Tool to Assess Patient's MI Risk09/14/2008
    Managing the Unhappy Plastic Surgery Patient01/30/2009
    Neurological Impact of Heavy Marijuana Use11/28/2008
    Heavy Marijuana Use and Triglycerides Levels08/10/2008
    The Truth About Steroids07/13/2008
    Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes07/31/2009
    The Role of an Olympic Chief Medical Officer07/13/2008
    The Latest Targets of Lipid Therapy09/07/2008
    Does ApoB Trump Non-HDL Measurements?07/13/2008
    Polycystic Ovary Disease07/06/2008
    LDL Apheresis06/29/2008
    Validity of Physician Ranking Systems08/10/2008
    Tiered Physician Networks07/20/2008
    Concierge Medicine: Doctors Working for Patients09/21/2008
    The Pioneer of Concierge Medicine09/14/2008
    The Real Story on Stents: A Bright Future?10/19/2008
    The Cardiopathology of Plaque08/03/2008
    Physicians' Tools for Treating Patients Who Drink Too Much11/07/2008
    Alcohol Use Disorders: Can We Do More?08/17/2008
    The Conversion to Concierge Medicine: Payoffs and Pitfalls09/21/2008
    Rebuilding Healthcare from the Inside Out07/27/2008
    Singapore: A Global Medical Hub?12/05/2008
    Do African Americans Benefit From Beta Blockers?07/20/2008
    Advanced Cholesterol Testing11/14/2008
    Brain Research & National Defense: How Sleep, Beta Blockers, and Hallucinogens Can Aid the Military12/14/2017
    CVD Risk in Special Female Populations06/01/2008
    You've Been Served. Now What?11/30/2017
    Priorities to Minimizing Medical Malpractice Risks05/02/2017
    Starting or Purchasing A Medical Practice06/22/2008
    Is the Local Hospital Interested in Purchasing Your Practice?11/28/2008
    The COURAGE Trial: Unpopular to Some, Embraced by Many05/25/2008
    Making Your Voice Heard to Reform Healthcare04/10/2008
    Can A Consultant Help Your Greatest Practice Woes?07/20/2008
    Telemedicine's Impacts on Global Health07/27/2008
    Which EHR Is Right For Your Practice?07/27/2008
    Office EHR's: Is It Time for your Practice to Transition?05/18/2008
    Impacting Atherosclerosis05/18/2008
    The COURAGE Trial's Impact on Clinical Practice05/04/2008
    CVD Risk Factors and Cognitive Impairment05/11/2008
    Emerging Biomarkers and New Drugs04/27/2008
    Noninvasive Imaging for the Vulnerable Patient01/11/2018
    Building a Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationship, Even in 15 Minutes or Less01/11/2018
    Misconceptions in Coronary Risk & Lipid Medicine04/13/2008
    Advanced Coronary Risk Assessment Insights04/06/2008
    Endopat 2000: Measuring Endothelial Function08/24/2008
    Endothelium Regulation and Dysfunction05/18/2008
    Innovative Atherosclerosis Treatments05/18/2008
    Society for Heart Attack Prevention & Eradication05/11/2008
    Helping your Office Thrive: DIRFT & Other Important Practice Management Tips04/27/2008
    Do You Run Your Medical Practice as a Business?03/05/2008
    CVD Risk Prediction03/23/2008
    Off Call: The Fastest Growing Luxury Travel Sector05/04/2008
    Current Treatments for Peyronie's Disease06/22/2008
    Heart Disease Treatment and Genetic Makeup05/04/2008
    Diuretics, Antihypertensives & Metabolic Syndrome05/25/2008
    Filing Tax Extensions: The How and When for Protecting Your Practice 04/06/2008
    The Yo-Yo Medicare Reimbursement Plan05/25/2008
    Managing Your Clinical Practice Through a Recession04/06/2008
    In-Line Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversals06/08/2008
    Daily Dosing Erectile Dysfunction Drugs06/29/2008
    Atherosclerosis Imaging07/27/2008
    Managing Statin Intolerant Patients07/20/2008
    Managing Your Moonlighting Income03/23/2008
    It's Tax Time: What Physicians Should Know03/30/2008
    Getting Physicians to Adopt New Tools05/25/2008
    Early Alzheimer Screening Device: DETECT03/16/2008
    The ENHANCE Study02/17/2008
    Are Statins Overused?03/02/2008
    RESPERATE & Device-Guided Breathing02/17/2008
    Microsoft HealthVault: the Next Phase of Medical Records?05/25/2008
    Training Physicians in Information Technology05/11/2008
    The Pennsylvania Cancer Control Consortium04/20/2008
    How Physicians Can Improve Colorectal Screening04/06/2008
    Door to Balloon Time for ST-Elevation MI06/01/2008
    Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology08/03/2008
    Grapefruit Juice and Rapamycin04/13/2008
    The Impact of Needle Free Delivery & Global Health04/27/2008
    Needle-Free Injection Delivery03/16/2008
    Imaging Techniques for Detecting CAD03/02/2008
    Heart Attack Prevention and Vaso Vasorum02/10/2008
    Bio-Degradeable Magnesium Stents02/24/2008
    Use of Intravascular MRI in Plaque Detection02/03/2008
    Grapefruit Juice and Drug Metabolism07/06/2008
    Diets, Lipids and Heart Disease06/22/2008
    Managing Metabolic Syndrome04/20/2008
    Bringing Science to the Next Generation01/08/2016
    Book Club: "Code Name God"08/31/2016
    The Excimer Laser and the History of Lasik02/22/2016
    Fee Collection: Training Patients To Pay on Time04/20/2008
    Fee Collection: 'Best Practices'07/06/2008
    In and Around HDL03/09/2008
    Dark Scientific Data03/02/2008
    Retail Genomics01/06/2008
    COURAGE Trial - Purpose and Design01/20/2008
    COURAGE Trial in Hindsight12/30/2007
    Be the Primary Stakeholder of Your Practice06/29/2008
    Improving the Physician/Patient Relationship02/10/2008
    AMA Policy Agenda12/30/2007
    Who was John Gofman?03/02/2008
    Future Healthcare Staffing Shortages03/30/2008
    Future Costs Of Healthcare07/06/2008
    How Will Future Technology Affect You?01/27/2008
    The Future of Healthcare Technology01/13/2008
    Healthcare Problems and Solutions in the Wake of Reform11/08/2007
    Moving Medication to Market More Quickly12/19/2008
    Investing in Funds vs. Individual Stocks03/09/2008
    Investing in Annuities01/27/2008
    Oh Oh Omega 3!02/24/2008
    Treating Prostate Cancer: Surgery or Radiation04/13/2008
    New Radiation Therapies for Prostate Cancer06/15/2008
    Policy Agenda for Y-ME National Breast Cancer Org.04/20/2008
    The Momentum of the Breast Cancer Movement12/16/2007
    Midwest Lipid Association Conference Series II12/02/2007
    The Lowdown on Lipid Lowering11/25/2007
    Obesity: Identification, Evaluation and Treatment06/15/2008
    Increase Cashflow? Code Correctly!08/17/2008
    OIG Coding Changes 200806/01/2008
    Is Billing Taking Away from The Joy of Practicing?04/13/2008
    C3: Grass Roots Fight to Stop Colorectal Cancer12/09/2007
    Molding a Motivated, Productive Staff05/25/2008
    The Challenges of Running A Medical Practice01/20/2008
    When Does Air Pollution Become A Danger To Health02/17/2008
    Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease02/03/2008
    Mitral Valve Prolapse: Is it Life Threatening?01/20/2008
    Shift in Thinking About Hormone Replacement03/02/2008
    HRT and Coronary Calcification02/10/2008
    Pediatric Obesity11/11/2007
    Have your adult patients been vaccinated?12/16/2007
    Diabetes and Vaccination11/18/2007
    Lipid Issues in the HIV Patient02/17/2008
    Smoking, Cardiovascular Disease, and ED03/30/2008
    Manganese and Human Health12/23/2007
    Diabetic Sector Update11/25/2007
    The Diabetic Investor11/11/2007
    Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and Lipidology02/03/2008
    Optimizing Patient Flow: Tips and Tricks03/16/2008
    Streamlining Billings and Collections in your Practice01/06/2008
    Doctors Who Blog11/11/2007
    Healthcare Blogging01/20/2008
    Isabel Healthcare03/09/2008
    Misdiagnoses: Costs, Prevalence & Solutions12/23/2007
    Pediatric Intensive Care - Making a Diagnosis10/21/2007
    Preventive Heart Disease Therapies for Diabetics11/04/2007
    Dysfunctional HDL03/09/2008
    New Treatments in Cosmetic Dermatology: Are The [Wrinkle] Lines Blurring?10/20/2017
    Are You Saving Enough For Your Child's Education?10/14/2007
    Can PTSD be Mitigated?09/28/2008
    PTSD and First Aid for the Psyche10/01/2009
    Reacting to Trauma & Stress: Reliving the 1988 Aloha Airlines Disaster09/17/2010
    Bonds 10101/13/2008
    Stocks 10112/09/2007
    Why Physicians Should Use Captive Insurance08/03/2008
    Asset Protection09/05/2007
    Lipids and Other Markers03/30/2008
    Rural Health - Is There a Problem?12/09/2007
    The Problem with Retail Clinics11/04/2007
    Cash Only Medical Practice10/14/2007
    Traditional Cold Remedies: How Do They Rate?11/18/2007
    Natural Cold Remedies: Is There Evidence They Work?09/30/2007
    Duodenal Switch Procedure - Is it better?11/25/2007
    Duodenal Switch Surgery for Morbid Obesity10/28/2007
    The Credit Crunch09/23/2007
    Retirement Planning For Physicians11/18/2007
    Medical Journalism11/25/2007
    Internist and Medical Journalist10/21/2007
    Become A More Mindful Practioner10/28/2007
    Mind and Brain: A Week of Silence01/13/2008
    The Mindful Brain12/02/2007
    Newt Gingrich: Overhaul Approach to Alzheimer's09/30/2007
    Newt Gingrich: Improving Care for Diabetics11/04/2007
    Newt Gingrich: 21st Century Intelligent Healthcare09/23/2007
    Newt Gingrich: Healthcare Information Technology09/09/2007
    apoE and Alzheimer's Disease10/14/2007
    401(k) Plan Design for Physician Groups09/09/2007
    The Role of the Lipid Clinic & Cardiometabolic Risk09/16/2007
    Stop Smoking!10/28/2007
    Tobacco Control Strategies09/16/2007
    Medical Practice Websites11/04/2007
    Practicing Electronic Medicine10/07/2007
    Pastoral Counseling Methods and Outcomes03/16/2016
    Pastoral Psychotherapy10/13/2015
    Non-Statin Safety09/23/2007
    Statin Safety12/23/2007
    Diabetic Dyslipidemia11/04/2007
    The Role of CoQ10 in Statin Intolerance09/02/2007
    Characteristics of an Ideal Practice08/19/2007
    Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century08/19/2007
    Estate Planning Mistakes08/19/2007
    Investment Basics08/19/2007
    Nicotine Immunization09/02/2007
    What Else Can Big Pharma Do?10/07/2007
    Money Talks and PERx: the movies09/02/2007
    Side Effects: The Movie08/26/2007
    Fractional Ownership as a Vacation Option for Docs09/20/2016
    Is New Technology in the ER a Bad Thing?07/31/2007
    Pulminary Embolism Rule-Out Criteria08/26/2007
    Medicine's Complicity With Big Business: Part 208/12/2007
    Medicine's Complicity With Big Business: Part 108/12/2007
    Practice Partnerships: Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs08/12/2007
    What is the Value of Your Medical Practice?08/12/2007
    Is a Concierge Practice Right for You?09/26/2016
    What is a Concierge Practice?09/28/2016
    Combination Lipid Therapy... What Works?08/12/2007
    Lipid Issues in Primary Care08/19/2007
    Smoking Cessation Medication and Treatments08/05/2007
    How to Help a Patient Quit Smoking08/05/2007
    Vertical Investing in Healthcare08/12/2007
    The Newest Cardiac Marker Test: PLAC Test09/02/2007
    Emotional Investing Minefields07/29/2007
    Emotional Investing: Which Emotions to Listen To?07/29/2007
    Should Emotions Play a Role in Investing?07/22/2007
    10 Actions Your Practice Must Take By 201007/22/2007
    Why a Business Plan and How to Create One07/22/2007
    Mastering Patient Flow:Improve Practice Operations07/29/2007
    Mastering Patient Flow: Using Lean Thinking07/22/2007
    Psychology of Fundamentalism and Suicide Bombers09/30/2007
    Has Psychoanalysis Lost its Cache?07/29/2007
    Analysis of Psychoanalysis07/29/2007
    Pediatric Dyslipidemia10/14/2007
    OTC Supplement Discussion07/29/2007
    How a Radiologist Achieved Work-Life Balance Through Locum Tenens09/13/2020
    Travel the World as a Temporary Physician07/22/2007
    The Benefit of Gitazones after PCI07/02/2007
    Menopause and Lipidology08/05/2007
    Cardiovascular Disease in Women03/16/2008
    ACS: an invasive cardiologists view07/15/2007
    Acute Coronary Syndrome07/15/2007
    Hand-Carried Ultrasound in Varioius Medical Fields07/08/2007
    Vaporization: Smokeless Cannabis Delivery System07/08/2007
    Cannabis in Painful Sensory Neuropathy07/08/2007
    Cognitive Therapy: A New Approach to Weight Loss07/15/2007
    The Current Therapy Revolution07/15/2007
    Bridges to Excellence: Incentives for Quality Care07/08/2007
    Prometheus Payment: an Alternative to P4P07/08/2007
    Is It Time for Over-the-Counter Statins?07/08/2007
    The ABCs of Preventing Heart Disease07/01/2007
    To Give or Not to Give: advice to friends/family07/01/2007
    What to Do If You Get Sued!07/01/2007
    Why Doctors Get Sued: Myths vs Realities07/01/2007
    The Cost of High-Dose Statins06/24/2007
    Main Findings and Implications of "Cost Effectiveness of High-Dose Statin Therapy in High-Risk Pa...06/24/2007
    Cost Effectiveness of High-Dose Statins06/24/2007
    Universal Implications of DES06/10/2007
    Psychosocial Causes of Chronic Low Back Pain07/01/2007
    Dealing with Acute Low Back Pain06/24/2007
    What is a Physiatrist?06/24/2007
    Universal Implications of DES06/10/2007
    Drug Eluting Stents06/10/2007
    Pioglitazones in NASH06/17/2007
    The Myth of Monounsaturated Fat06/10/2007
    Inhibiting ACAT2 may help eliminate heart disease06/10/2007
    Free Electronic Health Records06/17/2007
    Government Interested in Electronic Health Records06/17/2007
    Doctor-Patient Relationship via Email06/03/2007
    Technology in our practices06/03/2007
    The Great Practice Makeover-What are your needs?06/17/2007
    The Great Practice Makeover-Staff Benchmarking06/17/2007
    Patient Flow06/17/2007
    Future of IVUS05/27/2007
    IVUS Trial05/27/2007
    IVUS Trial05/27/2007
    What the future may hold: medical imaging09/02/2007
    Assessment of coronary artery diseases in 200705/27/2007
    Overview of Technology and CAD05/27/2007
    Overview of Pathobiology: coronary artery disease06/03/2007
    Manufacturing Depression: the placebo story05/27/2007
    Manufacturing Depression: one doctor's inside view05/27/2007
    Becoming a Full Time Lipidologist07/22/2007
    Getting ROI from your Revenue Cycle management sol05/27/2007
    Industry Trends Impacting Practice Revenue05/20/2007
    Understanding Your Practice Revenue Cycle05/20/2007
    Defining Revenue Cycle Managment05/20/2007
    The Disappearance of the Doctors' Lounge05/20/2007
    HIPAA ...tales from the disclosure front05/20/2007
    HIPAA... Permitted Uses and Disclosures05/20/2007
    HIPAA and the Individual Right to Privacy05/27/2007
    HIPAA Privacy Regulations Overview05/27/2007
    MI: Common Cause of Negligence Claims05/06/2007
    Free Hypertension Medication05/13/2007
    Medical Charting: What Not to Write05/13/2007
    Breaking Up is Hard to Do05/13/2007
    Medical Charting: What Should be Charted05/13/2007
    Medical Charting 10105/13/2007
    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Telemedicine05/13/2007
    Exploring Telemedicine05/13/2007
    The Role of Telemedicine in Managing Diabetes05/13/2007
    Cardiac Catheterization and Heart Disease04/29/2007
    The Courage Trial Implications04/29/2007
    The Courage Trial04/29/2007
    What Can Be Done To Close the Hospital Gap05/13/2007
    Hospital Gaps08/22/2014
    The Proliferation of Cosmetic Dermatology04/17/2007
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder: BDD04/17/2007
    Diagnosis of Internal Disease Through Dermatology12/09/2007
    Implementing an EMR01/07/2007
    Electrnic Inputs Effect On Physicians01/07/2007
    Making EMR Selection a Business Decision01/07/2007
    The Self Pay Evolution01/07/2007
    The culture of transparency and accountability01/07/2007
    The Anatomy of a Practice04/22/2007
    Optimizing Your Practice Management04/22/2007
    How CT Imaging of AIDS patients is different04/16/2007
    CT Abdomen Imaging of AIDS Patients04/22/2007
    Multidetector CT: The newest innovation in CT Scan04/22/2007
    STARK Violations05/06/2007
    STARK Regulation views on Medical Directore05/06/2007
    STARK Regulations and Leases05/06/2007
    The STARK Reality05/06/2007 it really the perfect practice?04/29/2007
    P4P Mania05/06/2007
    Shaken Baby Syndrome - Medical Issues in the Court04/22/2007
    Ophthalmic Pathology - A Highly Specialized Field01/07/2007
    Shaken Baby Syndrome - The Retinal Repercussions04/22/2007
    Biggest Practice Challenges Doctors Face04/08/2007
    The Proliferation of Food Allegies01/07/2007
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