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Lisa Dandrea Lenell, PA-C, MPAS, MBA
Lisa Dandrea Lenell, PA-C, MPAS, MBA
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    A Humanitarian Helping in Haiti12/02/2011
    Treating Hypertriglyceridemia with Fish Oil02/21/2018
    Update on Physician Assistants in Puerto Rico11/04/2011
    A Healthcare Legislation Compendium for PAs04/22/2011
    Good Calories, Bad Calories: A New Twist on Weight Gain10/12/2015
    Getting a PA Job: Interviewing 10109/20/2017
    No Scrubs Required: Non-Clinical Jobs for Physician Assistants02/08/2018
    On Paper: The Evolution of Medical Media01/29/2018
    Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Families03/20/2015
    Breaking the Code: Understanding and Preparing for Changes in Medical Coding04/08/2011
    New Changes in Medicare and Medicaid Services02/11/2011
    Physician Assistants Around the World: Saudi Arabia10/11/2017
    The Business of Beauty: Teaching PAs and NPs to be Aesthetic Injectors01/28/2011
    PAs Around the World: Focus on the Netherlands06/21/2016
    Integrating Mental Health Services Into Primary Care12/31/2010
    A New PA Program Blows into the Windy City at Northwestern University06/20/2016
    Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Medical-Legal Issues in Cosmetic Medicine06/22/2018
    The Latest in Cosmetic Medicine from the Aesthetic Extender Symposium10/29/2010
    What PAs Need to Know About Malpractice Coverage06/24/2016
    Great Reads: The PA Who Assists Stephen King11/18/2015
    How Technology is Improving Care for Patients With Diabetes11/16/2015
    Creating Portable Health Clinics Where They're Needed Most10/22/2010
    What PAs Need to Know About the Certificate of Added Qualifications10/08/2010
    Assessing and Managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder09/17/2010
    The Medical System in Ghana: Key Roles for Physician Assistants12/24/2010
    Medical Assistants: Ghana's Solution to Physician Assistants02/18/2016
    Recent Developments in Medical Billing and Reimbursement for PAs09/24/2010
    Medicare 101 for PAs: Understanding Billing08/13/2010
    PAs and Politics: Karen Bass Makes a Bid for Congress07/30/2010
    Recap of the AAPA House of Delegates: The Effect on Practicing Physician Assistants09/10/2010
    What's the Wait Time in the ED? A PA Helped Create an App For That02/25/2016
    Choosing the Right Word: Physician Assistants or Physician Associates?05/07/2010
    Risk Management Strategies for Physician Assistants09/23/2015
    What Makes PAs the Happiest Medical Professionals?01/04/2013
    A Medical Practice Does Well by Doing Good11/23/2012
    Adding to the Body of Research on the PA Field11/09/2012
    PAs in Charge: How to Move Into Hospital Management03/26/2010
    Looking Back at 100 PA Shows: Changes and New Directions04/23/2010
    The Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation08/06/2010
    What Can Residents Learn From Midwives?01/19/2018
    Tent City to Tent City: A PA Provides Care in Port-au-Prince02/05/2010
    PA's Report: Current International Relief Efforts in Haiti02/12/2010
    Medical Care on the Job: Physician Assistants in Occupational Medicine02/24/2016
    PAs Below the Surface in Cosmetic Dermatology02/19/2016
    The Economics of PA Employment02/26/2016
    PAs Around the World: The First PA Class in Australia01/01/2010
    Physician Assistants Around the World: Focus on Australia12/25/2009
    PAs Around the World: Reaching the Underserved in Ghana12/25/2009
    PAs Around the World: Development & Growth of PAs in the UK09/24/2015
    PAs Around the World: Introduction to the Scottish National Health Service12/05/2014
    PAs Around the World: Bush Medicine in Sudan12/18/2009
    DENTEX Brings Smiles to Alaska01/08/2010
    Physician Assistants Around the World12/04/2009
    A Race Against Time: Treating Burn Patients Injured in Battle09/25/2015
    A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach at BAMC's Burn Unit11/19/2015
    Coming in 2011: PA Specialty Certification11/27/2009
    What's MEDEX? Another Approach to Educating PAs11/13/2009
    PA Leadership in the Veterans Administration System10/23/2009
    Expanding the Role of Physician Assistants in Canada10/16/2009
    PA Hx: A Historical Perspective on the PA Profession12/04/2009
    The History of the PA Profession Under One Roof10/09/2009
    A Conversation with the PA/Physician Team of the Year09/08/2016
    Healthcare Reform and Physician Assistants08/31/2016
    When Physician Assistants Struggle With Addiction09/13/2016
    PAs and the World's Largest Public Health Program09/11/2009
    PAs Making an Impact in Disaster Medicine09/18/2009
    PAs Green Lighted for Commercial Truck Drivers?07/31/2009
    The PA's View on Quality Healthcare for Inmates08/14/2009
    The Draw for PAs in Sports Medicine07/24/2015
    Potential Career Paths for PAs in Practice Administration08/28/2009
    The Integral Role of the PA in Forensic Medicine07/24/2009
    The Role of the PA in Hospitalist Medicine08/07/2009
    Opening Doors for PAs in the National Hospitalist Movement06/26/2009
    What PAs Need to Know About Genetic Testing03/12/2010
    Regulating PAs Through State Law07/03/2009
    Physician Assistants: What's in a Name?06/05/2009
    Counseling Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate their Children06/12/2015
    Recommendations From the PA Clinical Doctorate Summit07/10/2009
    Is the PA Profession Recession-Proof?05/22/2009
    A Medical Library on Your Hip: How PDAs Can Help PAs01/22/2010
    Understanding PA Specialty Certification05/29/2009
    Tracing the History and Plotting the Future of PA Certification05/01/2009
    PAs in Primary Care: A Case Study From Tennessee05/15/2009
    Saving Children's Lives in Afghanistan: A PA's Story08/21/2015
    Healthy for Life: PAs as Lifestyle Coaches04/03/2009
    The Voice of PAs Within Hospital Administration03/27/2009
    Filling Primary Care Voids With Military-Trained PAs03/20/2009
    A Guide for PAs: Becoming More Involved in Your Profession03/13/2009
    PA Opportunities for International Volunteerism04/16/2010
    International Opportunities for PA students03/06/2009
    The PA's Role on the Battlefield04/24/2009
    The Physician Assistant on the Battlefield02/20/2009
    Distinguishing Child Health Associates From Physician Assistants01/09/2009
    Physician Assistants on the Front Lines of Combat01/30/2009
    The Military's Interservice Physician Assistant Program01/02/2009
    CEO Identifies Future Direction of American Academy of Physician Assistants12/12/2008
    The History of the Physician Assistant Profession04/18/2018
    Barriers to Independent Nurse Practitioner Ownership12/28/2017
    A Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Starting an Independent Practice04/24/2018
    Nurse Practitioner Membership Clinic11/21/2008
    Inpatient Insulin: A Team Approach11/14/2008
    Employment Agreements for Physician Assistants04/25/2018
    Malpractice Insurance Options for Your Physician Assistant04/25/2018
    Malpractice Coverage for Physician Assistants04/26/2018
    Medical Depots for America's Truck Drivers01/01/2018
    Calculating the Value of a Physician Assistant02/20/2018
    What Are Rural Health Clinics?01/17/2018
    Changing Specialties for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners10/12/2008
    Surgeons Discover New Instrument, the Physician Assistant11/21/2008
    Making Hospital Rounds: The Surgical Physician Assistant09/21/2008
    The Most Common Billing Mistakes for PA Services11/02/2008
    Coding Tips to Maximize Physician Assistant Reimbursement09/14/2008
    Breaking Traditions of "MD-or-Bust:" Medical Mentoring for PAs and NPs08/24/2008
    Physician Assistant Certification09/28/2008
    The PA Credential Creep08/31/2008
    Are PAs Abandoning Primary Care Medicine?08/10/2008
    Physician Assistants in Anesthesiology07/27/2008
    How to Utilize PAs In the ER03/16/2008
    Retail Health Clinics and the Nursing Profession04/27/2008
    The Doctorate of Nursing Practice07/06/2008
    Job Seeking and Recruiting for PAs and NPs07/20/2008
    A Cash-Only Practice Model to Accomodate the Uninsured06/22/2008
    PA Education: How It Differs From MD or NP Tracks07/13/2008
    PAs and NPs Affecting the Health of the World08/17/2008
    NPs and PAs as Chief Administrators06/29/2008
    Physician Assistants as Practice Owners06/01/2008
    The Future of the Physician Assistant Profession01/06/2008
    NPs and PAs, Can They Unite?01/20/2008
    Physician Assistant Specializations in Medicine11/18/2007
    The Specialization of Physician Assistants11/04/2007
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