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Mark Nolan Hill, MD
Mark Nolan Hill, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Better Mechanisms to Detect Acute HIV Infection08/14/2009
    Rethinking Risk of Bilateral Oopherectomy With Hysterectomy01/24/2021
    Knee Resurfacing: Another Option for Early Osteoarthritis?01/26/2021
    The Developing Field of Interventional Neurology01/09/2015
    Laser-Guided Therapy to Kill Brain Tumor Cells With Heat07/03/2015
    Breast-Conserving Surgery: Curative vs. Cosmetic Outcomes01/24/2021
    Phasing Out Laparoscopy? Robotic Surgery for Renal Tumors09/11/2015
    A Therapeutic Vaccine for the Most Aggressive Glioblastomas04/23/2010
    Hepatic Perfusion: High-Dose Chemotherapy, Few Ill Effects04/10/2015
    Avoiding Unnecessary Delays in Diagnosing Bladder Cancer04/30/2015
    Migraines and Beyond: Narcotic Therapy and Pain Control09/01/2016
    When to Prescribe Opioid Therapy for Headaches07/02/2015
    Long-Term Neurological Outcomes Following Heart Surgery03/09/2016
    Evaluating Cognitive Changes After Cardiac Surgery02/05/2015
    Changing the Paradigm of Valve Surgery: Repair or Replace?03/14/2016
    Utility of Coronary Angiography Before and After CABG03/16/2016
    Assessing Ankle Injuries From Stretch to Tear05/29/2015
    Transoral Gastroplasty: The Next Step in Bariatric Surgery?05/08/2009
    Developing Lines of RBCs From Stem Cells01/30/2009
    Nothing but the Truth? Brain Scans and Lie Detection01/30/2015
    The Sanctioned Use of Brain Scans in Court01/27/2012
    Culturing the First Synthetic Viruses01/30/2015
    Synthetic Virions to Detect SARS Origins01/23/2015
    Financial Incentives for Organ Donation: Could It Work in the US?12/30/2011
    Global Perspectives on Organ Donation12/04/2014
    Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Elite Athletes07/31/2015
    Issues of Immigration and Healthcare in the United States01/25/2016
    The Financial Considerations Behind Medical Repatriation01/28/2016
    Medical Repatriation and Other Migrant Health Issues01/18/2016
    Tracing the Origins of HIV in Humans01/20/2016
    The Expanding Role of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery01/15/2018
    Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery01/09/2009
    Efficacy of Surgery for Diabetes: Gastric Banding vs. Gastric Bypass12/02/2011
    Gastric Banding for Remission of Type 2 Diabetes11/14/2014
    Perspectives on Prescribing Pain Medication04/03/2018
    The Rise and Risks of Methadone Prescriptions04/03/2018
    Incidental Meniscal Findings on Knee MRI02/13/2009
    Arthroscopy for Arthritis-Related Knee Pain: Questions Remain11/28/2008
    MDR and XDR-TB: Progress on Many Fronts12/31/2015
    Successful Treatment of MDR and XDR-TB01/04/2016
    Pediatric Heart Transplant After Cardiocirculatory Death08/07/2015
    Advances in Viral Immunity Stemming from the 1918 Flu Pandemic03/19/2018
    Antibodies Derived from the 1918 Flu Pandemic: Still Potent?01/02/2018
    Resurrecting Antibodies from 1918 Flu Pandemic Survivors02/20/2018
    Building a Statewide Registry to Monitor Joint Implantations11/02/2008
    Monitoring Joint Implantations: Are We Doing Enough?10/19/2008
    Joint Implantation Outcomes: The Need for Broad Monitoring10/05/2008
    Potential Pitfalls of Many Heart Transplant Programs in One City10/26/2008
    Sustaining Multiple Heart Transplant Programs in One City02/06/2009
    Nursing Home Readiness for a Flu Pandemic09/25/2009
    Pandemic Flu: How Could Nursing Homes Pitch In?09/04/2009
    Clinical Applications of Raltegravir for HIV Therapy11/02/2008
    Raltegravir Therapy for Multi-Drug Resistant HIV09/14/2008
    Helping Patients and Families Understand Fragile X Syndrome11/14/2008
    Treating Fragile X Syndrome and Related Disorders10/12/2008
    Understanding Fragile X Syndrome and Related Conditions09/21/2008
    Hypothermic Treatment for Children With TBI12/05/2008
    Hypothermia for Pediatric Brain Trauma?08/31/2008
    Trends Toward Laparoscopy for Prostate Cancer11/14/2008
    Prostate Cancer: Laparoscopic v. Open Procedures09/21/2008
    A Hypothetical Future Without General Surgeons12/12/2008
    Measures to Resolve the Shortfall of General Surgeons11/21/2008
    The Impact of a National Shortage of General Surgeons09/28/2008
    The Evolution of General Surgery09/14/2008
    The Future of Web-Based Hypertension Interventions11/28/2008
    Clinicians' Evolving Role in Hypertension Care10/12/2008
    Expanding Patients’ Role in Hypertension Care08/24/2008
    Hepatic Resection and Transplantation10/12/2008
    New Techniques for Extended Hepatic Resection09/21/2008
    A More Aggressive Approach to Hepatic Resection08/17/2008
    A Novel Migraine-Minimizing Device08/31/2008
    Occipital Nerve Stimulation to Quell Migraine Headaches09/14/2008
    New Tools for Endovascular Repair of Aortic Aneurysms10/19/2008
    Endovascular Repair of Aortic Aneurysms08/10/2008
    The Challenge of Exercise for Patients Coping With Illness09/14/2008
    Exercise Regimens for Patients Burdened by Illness08/17/2008
    Team Doc: Pressure from Players & Coaches08/03/2008
    CMO Duties at International Sporting Events07/27/2008
    A Daily Training Regimen to Reduce ACL Tears07/20/2008
    Preventing ACL Injuries in Young Athletes07/17/2009
    From Medical Doctor to Medical Journalist03/05/2018
    Applying Clinical Skills to Medical Journalism03/05/2018
    The Process of Becoming a Medical Journalist03/06/2018
    Environmentally Sustainable Building Initiatives in Health Care01/09/2009
    'Green' Resources for Smaller-Scale Medical Institutions11/07/2008
    Environmental Responsibility in Health Care08/31/2008
    The Impact of Modern Chemicals on Society's Health08/03/2008
    The Future of Tinnitus Research and Treatment10/19/2008
    Advances in Treatment for Tinnitus09/07/2008
    Tinnitus: A Disorder of the Ear or the Brain?08/10/2008
    Tinnitus: The Everyday Toll on Our Patients06/29/2008
    Lance Armstrong: Leading Cancer Advocacy06/29/2008
    Testicular Cancer: Advising Our Patients on Fertility and Sexuality06/10/2011
    Testicular Cancer: Raising Already Lofty Cure Rates06/19/2009
    Screening Modalities for Testicular Cancer06/08/2008
    Tools to Improve Prognoses for Traumatic Brain Injuries06/29/2008
    Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Evaluate Traumatic Brain Injury06/15/2008
    Improving the Prognoses of Multiple Myeloma07/27/2008
    Multiple Myeloma: Current Treatment Modalities06/15/2008
    Relative Risks of ACL Repair in Young Athletes03/21/2018
    The Rise in Diagnosis of ACL Injuries in Children03/13/2018
    Curbing India’s Soaring Smoking-Related Mortality Rates10/19/2008
    Fending Off Big Tobacco Interests in India12/19/2008
    India's Soaring Smoking-Related Mortality Rates08/17/2008
    A Million Annual Smoking-Related Deaths in India12/05/2008
    Bar-Coded Surgical Sponges in the OR06/15/2008
    Bar-Coded Surgical Sponges: Here to Stay?07/20/2008
    Encouraging CPR Participation from Bystanders07/20/2008
    New Recommendations for CPR Participation from Bystanders06/22/2008
    Debating the Impact of Assisted Ventilation in CPR05/25/2008
    The Impact of Heparin Contamination Going Forward08/24/2008
    The Global Implications of Heparin Contamination07/13/2008
    Investigating Heparin Contamination05/04/2008
    Recent Concerns About Heparin Contamination05/18/2008
    Broader Considerations for NOTES Procedures08/17/2008
    Learning to Perform NOTES Procedures07/20/2008
    Patient Populations Targeted for NOTES Procedures06/08/2008
    Minimally Invasive NOTES Procedures05/11/2008
    Boosting Immunization Rates for Adult Shingles05/18/2008
    Vaccinating for Adult Shingles: New Initiatives06/22/2008
    The Adult Shingles Vaccine: Challenges of Delivery04/27/2008
    The History of Research Into Vaccines for Shingles04/13/2008
    A Young Iraqi Girl’s Long-Term Prognosis After Heart Surgery05/04/2008
    A Young Iraqi Girl Endures After Complex Heart Surgery05/25/2008
    Preparing for a Young Iraqi Girl's Heart Surgery04/13/2008
    A Young Iraqi Girl's Medical Miracle03/23/2008
    The Acute Determination of Brain Death06/08/2008
    The Future of Brain Death Protocol05/04/2008
    Brain Death Declarations03/30/2008
    Guidelines for Brain Death Declarations07/13/2008
    Medical Mentoring: Opportunities and Challenges05/25/2008
    The Benefits of Medical Mentoring05/11/2008
    Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Hunter Syndrome05/18/2008
    Delayed Diagnosis of Hunter Syndrome04/27/2008
    Hunter Syndrome: Can It Be Diagnosed Early?07/27/2008
    Neuroprotective Agents for ALS03/30/2008
    Latest Research On Parkinson's Disease03/09/2008
    Book Club: Surgery, Life/Death In Heart Center II11/19/2015
    Book Club: Surgery, Life / Death in Heart Center I10/12/2015
    Transition from Surgeon to Healthcare Economist05/11/2008
    Restructuring the US Healthcare System04/20/2008
    Examining Cost as a Measure of Surgical Outcomes03/23/2008
    Measuring Surgical Outcomes02/10/2008
    PFO, Migraines and the ESCAPE Trial03/02/2008
    Patent Foramen Ovale Closure and Migraines02/17/2008
    Aortic Stenosis and PAV II02/10/2008
    Aortic Stenosis and Percutaneous AV Replacement06/01/2008
    X-Stop Device for Spinal Stenosis01/20/2008
    Diagnosing Spinal Stenosis06/08/2008
    A Team Approach to Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery08/10/2008
    Treating Muscular Torticollis with Botox04/20/2008
    Muscular Torticollis Treatment Update06/01/2008
    American College of Surgeons Agenda 200801/27/2008
    Healthcare System Challenges in South America04/06/2008
    The Future of Surgery01/13/2008
    State of the Surgical Workforce01/06/2008
    Thyroid Cancer Detection04/27/2008
    RFA and Other Options To Treat Liver Metastases04/13/2008
    RFA for Metastatic Colon Cancer in the Liver04/06/2008
    Healthcare Quality in the United States: How Do We Fare Worldwide?03/16/2008
    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 'Triple Aim' Model to Improve Healthcare02/17/2008
    Managing Per Capita Cost of Healthcare: The IHI's Triple Aim Project12/30/2007
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement: Past and Present Goals12/23/2007
    Novel Method for Sealing Arterial Puncture Sites04/06/2008
    The Future of Acute Stroke Intervention01/13/2008
    Virtual Reality Simulation in Carotid Stenting II01/20/2008
    Virtual Reality Simulation in Carotid Stenting I02/24/2008
    Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease12/16/2007
    Health Policy Coverage at National and State Level12/09/2007
    Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Repairs08/03/2008
    Double-Row Rotator Cuff Repair07/06/2008
    A Look at Healthcare Policy with Congressman Kirk12/30/2007
    Hip Replacement: What is new?03/02/2008
    Hip Resurfacing02/03/2008
    The Greenfield Filter06/22/2008
    The Greenfield Filter05/25/2008
    Surgery and Aging: Inclusive or Exclusive?10/26/2012
    When Should a Surgeon Retire?10/14/2015
    Congress's Efforts To Fight Diabetes11/25/2007
    Congress and Healthcare for Veterans03/02/2008
    Healthcare Policy: Malpractice & Social Medicine07/06/2008
    Pig to Human Islet Cell Transplants11/11/2007
    Islet Cell Transplant for Diabetics02/24/2008
    Diabetic Kidney Disease11/25/2007
    Pathogenisis of Diabetes Complications11/04/2007
    Minimizing Diabetes Risk After Pancreatectomy02/10/2008
    Pancreas vs. Islet Cell Transplant for Diabetics11/18/2007
    Finding a Living Donor03/09/2008
    Public Policy Regarding Living Donors01/27/2008
    Living Donor Transplantation12/16/2007
    Living Donors06/01/2008
    Shriners Hospital For Children03/02/2008
    Spinal Cord Inujury in Children01/06/2008
    Alternative Treatments for Children with Scoliosis08/24/2008
    Evaluating and Treating Children with Scoliosis03/30/2008
    Pediatric Brain Tumor Research08/24/2008
    "Tumor Paint" for Intra-Operative Visualization04/13/2008
    PAD and Critical Limb Ischemia in Diabetics11/11/2007
    Endovascular Grafts for Aortic Aneurysms02/10/2008
    Carotid Stenting02/17/2008
    Turbo Booster Catheter04/20/2008
    Surgeon and Inventor01/13/2008
    Total Hip Replacement12/16/2007
    Knee Replacement05/11/2008
    Surgical Training on the Battlefield09/30/2007
    Far Forward Surgical Unit01/13/2008
    Mobile Surgical Team12/23/2007
    Surgical War Stories From Desert Storm10/16/2015
    Preparing Trauma Surgeons for Disaster Scenarios09/10/2010
    Trauma in Crisis: The Future of Trauma Surgery01/27/2008
    History of Trauma Surgery09/28/2008
    Mechanical Circulatory Assist Devices02/03/2008
    On-Pump vs. Off-Pump CABG02/17/2008
    Mini Maze Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation10/21/2007
    Cerebral Oximetry02/24/2008
    Stroke Recovery and the Brain.12/02/2007
    Virtual Reality for Stroke Recovery09/16/2007
    Myomo e100 Robotic Arm10/07/2007
    Mitral Valve Replacement Using a Surgical Robot08/19/2007
    Using the DaVinci Robot08/19/2007
    Instrumentation of the DaVinci Surgical Robot08/19/2007
    Robotic Assisted Surgery08/19/2007
    A Doc With a Great Idea? How to Bring it to Market09/09/2007
    TMS, The Brain, and Hand-Eye Coordination03/23/2008
    The Study of Memory and Language Using TMS01/06/2008
    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation10/14/2007
    Pathology Today09/09/2007
    The Pod Lab09/02/2007
    The Pathology Lab08/26/2007
    Leiomyosarcoma Tissue Bank08/26/2007
    Robotics and Stroke Rehabilitation01/20/2008
    Cortical Stimulation For Stroke Recovery11/18/2007
    Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for Stroke11/04/2007
    Neuroplasticity and Neurorecovery After Stroke12/09/2007
    Treating Larger BPH with Green Light Laser07/29/2007
    Green Light Laser Vaporization Treatment for BPH07/22/2007
    Treatment Options for BPH07/29/2007
    The Pathology of BPH07/22/2007
    The Stem Cell Research Debate07/06/2007
    Adult Stem Cells, Cloning, Gene Therapy07/29/2007
    Misconceptions of Embryonic Stem Cell Potential07/22/2007
    Stem Cell Basics07/22/2007
    Current and Future Applications of Bioprosthetics09/02/2007
    Integration of Bioprosthetics06/10/2007
    Explanation of Bioprosthetics06/10/2007
    Surgical Wound Healing and Implanted Prosthetics09/02/2007
    Applications of Hypnosis in the Hospital Environment06/03/2007
    Examining Self-Hypnosis in Pre-Surgical Settings06/03/2007
    Use of Hypnosis for Habit Control06/03/2007
    An Overview of Hypnosis06/03/2007
    Life as a Medical Consultant05/06/2007
    Life as a Medical Consultant06/17/2007
    Life as a Medical Consultant09/16/2007
    Emergency Department-Scope of Practice05/13/2007
    Legal Aspects of Emergency Care05/13/2007
    The Spectrum of ED Patients today05/13/2007
    Current State of Emergency Care05/13/2007
    Robotic Surgical System- The Future05/13/2007
    Robotic Surgical System- Clinical Application05/13/2007
    Development of the Robotic Surgical System05/13/2007
    Robotic Surgical System- definition and use09/23/2007
    Katrina's Effects on Medical Care and Records09/09/2007
    Post-Op Recovery04/22/2007
    Local Anesthesia04/22/2007
    General Anesthesia04/22/2007
    Anesthesiology Pre-op Evaluations04/22/2007
    Sports Medicine: Shoulder Injuries04/15/2007
    Plastic Surgery: Facial and Body Contouring01/07/2007
    Building A Common Vision In The Hospital Setting04/08/2007
    Coronary Artery Disease04/08/2007
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