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Martin Samuels, MD
Martin Samuels, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    U.S. Medical Education and Healthcare: The View From Abroad06/27/2016
    Implanting the First Artificial Heart06/28/2016
    Can Medical Leadership Be Taught?06/29/2016
    Ask the Neurologist: Dr. Samuels Answers Your Questions06/30/2016
    Managing Institutions to Make a Difference in Medicine09/10/2010
    Medical Journalism and Activism06/08/2016
    Making Clinical Trials More Relevant06/17/2016
    Doctor-Patient Communications06/09/2016
    Real Issues in End of Life Care09/19/2016
    World Class: Sir Roger Bannister's Career in Sports & Neurology09/13/2016
    Teaching Wellness As a Way of Life09/05/2016
    A Transplantation Pioneer Looks Forward06/10/2016
    Ask the Neurologist: Dr. Samuels Answers Your Questions06/20/2016
    Race, Religion, Reproductive Choice, and Politics in Medicine12/21/2012
    Time, Peace, and Healing05/06/2016
    Stigmatized Medicine and the Physician-Patient Relationship06/24/2016
    Innovations in Distance Learning and CME Around the World06/22/2016
    Traditional Values in Medicine: Do They Still Exist?03/15/2016
    Ask the Neurologist03/14/2016
    Medicine's Love/Hate Relationship With Science03/15/2016
    Balancing Clinical Work and Research in a Surgical Career03/16/2016
    How Neurologists See the World01/05/2016
    How the Economy Affects Medicine and Healthcare Reform02/19/2010
    When the Doctor Becomes the Patient03/18/2016
    Misdiagnosis and Other ‘Thinking Errors’03/17/2016
    Can U.S. Doctors Affect Healthcare Worldwide?04/17/2009
    Looking Back at the First Successful Human Organ Transplant01/06/2016
    The Modern Doctor: Clinician or Technician?03/18/2016

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