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Matt Birnholz, MD
Matt Birnholz, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Addressing Mental Health in Communities of Color
    Telehealth Changes & Policies Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic09/17/2020
    COVID-19 Challenges: Vascular Clotting & Catheter Clogging
    Adverse Event Detection & Reporting: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know
    Reopening Practices in Light of COVID-1909/18/2020
    Mind Medicine: A Physician’s Analysis on How Our Thoughts Affect Our Life
    Anticipated Impacts from the COVID-19 Research Database09/16/2020
    Why Social Distancing May Last Longer Than Anticipated
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Pain, Fatigue, & Nutrition in IBD
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: How & When to Perform Disease & Drug Monitoring
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Explaining Risk to Patients
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Guidance on Caring for Young Patients
    Perspectives on Responding Administratively to a Pandemic: Notes from a Children’s Hospital09/14/2020
    COVID-Centered Updates to the GaVeCelt Recommendations for Vascular Access09/17/2020
    Insights on COVID-19 from the Frontlines of Italy’s ICUs09/13/2020
    Domestic & International Collaborations to Combat COVID-1909/17/2020
    More Than Modifications: How ICUs Are Adapting to COVID-1909/17/2020
    Midline Catheter Failures: Exploring the Role of Infusate Properties09/18/2020
    The Collateral Damage of “Non-Essential” Procedure Designations09/01/2020
    One Emergency Physician’s Cheat Sheet to COVID-1909/08/2020
    The Strength of Social Distancing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic09/04/2020
    Improvising Protective Medical Gear to Fight COVID-1909/09/2020
    Cardio-Oncology Perspectives on COVID-19 from the Mayo Clinic09/17/2020
    The Lionized & the Condemned: Public Attitudes Toward Pandemic Responders09/11/2020
    Far from the Flu: COVID-19's Mysterious Presenting Symptoms09/11/2020
    Unexplained Hematologic Abnormalities: Could It Be Type 1 Gaucher Disease?09/18/2020
    Enlisting Students in the Fight Against COVID-19: Helpful or Harmful?09/04/2020
    Alternative Solutions to the PPE Shortage: Are They Enough?09/07/2020
    Chloroquine as a Treatment Agent for COVID-19: Hype or Hope?09/05/2020
    Perspectives on Single-Payer Models from a National Health Plan Advocate
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Time Management Tips
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Research Takeaways
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Key Takeaways for APPs & RNs
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: IBD Care Outside the Gut
    Our Evolving Understanding of Pain in IBD09/17/2020
    2020 Crohn’s & Colitis Congress: Transitioning Pediatric IBD Patients to an Adult Practice
    Is a One-Size-Fits-All Healthcare Plan the Right Approach?04/04/2020
    Navigating the Road Toward Healthcare Reform: Single-Payer Pros & Cons04/04/2020
    The Hospital Administrator’s Guide to Understanding HAC Scores09/18/2020
    The Risk of HAC Score Prioritization in Vascular Access Care09/08/2020
    Family Planning in Multiple Sclerosis: Enhancing Patient Care09/18/2020
    Investigating the Role of Micro-CT in Imaging Breast Cancer Specimens08/24/2020
    Early Detection of Alzheimer’s: Why It Matters & How to Recognize It
    The Effects of Dietary Interventions After Early Breast Cancer Treatment03/22/2020
    An Outlier Survivor’s Story: Confronting Systemic Barriers in Breast Cancer Care05/17/2020
    The Steep Toll of Endocrine Therapy on Breast Cancer Patients08/28/2020
    What to Look for When Testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer06/01/2020
    New Perspectives on the Impact of Omega 3 Supplements on Breast Cancer Risk05/17/2020
    Linking Statins to the Suppression of Aggressive Phenotypes of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells03/22/2020
    Comprehending the PsA Agents in Late-Stage Clinical Development09/18/2020
    Quality of Life in Patients with PsA: Disease Domain Impacts09/17/2020
    Pearls & Pitfalls of Algorithm-Based Vascular Access Care Protocols09/18/2020
    Exploring the Underdiagnosis of AS Within & Around Rheumatology Practices09/18/2020
    Investigating the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence After a 10-Year Disease-Free Interval08/16/2020
    Exploring Lifestyle Behavior Changes After Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment08/01/2020
    Assessing Breast Cancer Patient Attitudes Toward Minimal Residual Disease Screening07/30/2020
    Educating Patients on Pain Management After Breast Cancer Resections08/24/2020
    Investigating the Impact of Cannabidiol on Breast Cancer Cell Viability06/05/2020
    Monitoring Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Elderly Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer08/02/2020
    Breast Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life: Real-World Data09/18/2020
    Integrating Holistic Care into Breast Oncology09/13/2020
    The Evolving Role of Radiation Oncology in Breast Cancer Care03/22/2020
    Do Breast Cancer Patients & Oncologists Agree on the Severity of Symptoms After Treatment?02/23/2020
    Are PARP Inhibitors the Future of Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?02/23/2020
    A Chat with “Cancer Discovery” at ESMO03/21/2020
    Experiences of Endocrine Treatment After Breast Cancer Surgery02/16/2020
    New Findings on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatments03/20/2020
    What’s New in Breast Cancer Care? An Overview of ESMO 201902/16/2020
    Understanding the Value of IJ Catheters in Vascular Access Procedures02/23/2020
    Dietary Understandings & Updates for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients09/18/2020
    Uncovering Hidden Clues in Diagnosing Psoriatic Arthritis09/18/2020
    Early Signs & Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis09/18/2020
    Primary Care’s Role in SLE: Treating, Monitoring, & Consulting09/18/2020
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Diagnosing SLE in the Primary Care Setting09/18/2020
    Connecting Science to Psoriatic Arthritis Patient Care09/18/2020
    The BiTE® Immuno-Oncology Platform & Emerging Targets in Oncology03/29/2020
    How to Curb Patients’ Vaccine Hesitancy12/23/2019
    The Locum Life: A Physician’s Guide to Locum Tenens12/23/2019
    Do Sour Tastes Make Us Better Risk Takers?
    Behavioral Health Integration: Exploring Its Effect on Clinical Practice05/27/2020
    Value-Based Care: Taking the Pulse of Key Stakeholders in Healthcare12/30/2019
    Are Scorpions the Key to a New Line of RA Treatments?
    Using Rabies to Create a Better Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
    Endeavors of the Heart: Leveraging Innovative Technologies for Transcatheter Therapies12/09/2019
    So Cute You Could...Crush It?12/09/2019
    Delirium: The Hidden Disorder Plaguing ICU Patients 12/12/2019
    Easing the Burden of Medicare Documentation Guidelines03/31/2019
    What Do the Updated Medicare Payment Policies Mean for You?12/04/2019
    Integrating Sexual Health into Your Practice12/16/2019
    A Memorable Patient Case: Psoriasis & IBD04/05/2020
    Dermatological Strategies for Challenging Cases of Severe Psoriasis04/05/2020
    Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age12/30/2019
    Practice What You Preach! A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle01/09/2020
    Opioid Use Disorder: Expanding Access to Treatment06/07/2020
    Weaponizing Oxygen to Kill Infection & Disease12/18/2019
    Expert Interview: A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on a Treatment Option for ADHD02/23/2020
    A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective on a Treatment Option for ADHD03/21/2020
    Patient Interview: A Patient’s Perspective on ADHD in Adults02/23/2020
    Get the Breakdown on How Costs Are Measured Under MIPS12/14/2019
    Work in a Hospital? Here’s What You Need to Know About MIPS11/24/2018
    What Is a Virtual Group Under the Quality Payment Program & Should You Join One?11/24/2018
    How Physician-Focused APMs Aim to Overcome Challenges12/20/2019
    Building Bridges: A Team-Based Approach to Psoriatic Arthritis Care10/02/2019
    New Outcomes are Shaping the Psoriatic Arthritis Therapeutic Landscape10/03/2019
    Stories of Psoriatic Arthritis: One Patient's Lifelong Affliction10/03/2019
    Why Is Psoriatic Arthritis Often Misdiagnosed?10/03/2019
    Stories of Psoriatic Arthritis: A Mother's Journey to Recovery10/03/2019
    What Are Your Quality Reporting Options?12/28/2019
    How Small Practices Can Comply with MIPS Quality Reporting Requirements11/24/2018
    The Technical Assistance You’ll Need for the Quality Payment Programs Changes01/03/2020
    Osteoporosis Update: Keys to Improving Diagnosis & Preventing Fractures09/17/2020
    Beyond Repeal and Replace: The ACA's Uncertain Future
    Are We Prepared for MACRA and the Quality Payment Program? The Survey Says . . .12/21/2019
    Everest ER: Practicing Medicine at 17,000 Feet12/26/2019
    Leveraging Technology in Healthcare: A Consulting Focus10/01/2017
    Transforming Surgical Care Management Using Data-Centered Technology11/10/2017
    Technology in the Classroom: Innovations in Teaching Medicine12/26/2019
    “Pick Your Pace” Options Under the CMS Quality Payment Program01/02/2020
    Toward Instantaneous Care: Real-Time Monitoring of Vital Signs11/12/2017
    Bringing Technology Innovations to Nursing Practice01/02/2020
    A CEO's Perspective on Health Insurance in a Changing Policy Environment11/10/2017
    Questions on MACRA Everyone Wants to Know11/22/2018
    The HIV Vaccine's Path Through Clinical Trials: A Biotech CEO's Perspective12/28/2019
    Technology's Ever-Changing Roles in Healthcare11/12/2017
    Beyond the Colonoscopy: New Screening Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer06/20/2020
    Medicine After the American Health Care Act: Where Do We Go From Here?
    What Are Physician-Focused Payment Models?01/09/2020
    Hot Topics in Counseling Patients Who are Trying to Conceive12/29/2019
    The Patient Journey from Outpatient to Inpatient Care: Improving Quality & Safety12/26/2019
    What We Need to Know about Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs)12/19/2019
    Hot Topics in Breast Cancer Innovations12/22/2019
    A Thoracic Surgeon's Viewpoint on Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of a Lung Cancer Patient12/27/2019
    Meet Matt Birnholz, MD
    Neck and Back Pain: When Should You Refer Your Patients to a Neurosurgeon?12/20/2019
    Full Spectrum of Breast Reconstruction Surgeries: From Cosmetic to Breast Cancer Diagnosis12/22/2019
    The Astute Primary Care Clinician's 3 Keys to Improving Alzheimer's Care03/23/2020
    Screening & Detection Tests for Alzheimer's Disease: The Benefits & Costs12/02/2018
    Implementing MACRA: The AMA’s Keys to Advancing Opportunities, Avoiding Pitfalls03/16/2017
    Cranial Base Disorders: Etiologies, Surgical Approaches, and Research Innovations01/05/2020
    Why Patients Delay Seeking an Early Diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease03/29/2020
    Alzheimer's: A Hidden Disease in More Ways Than One03/29/2020
    Understanding the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease12/02/2018
    Why Early Detection for Alzheimer's Disease Is So Critically Important03/27/2020
    Recognizing the Spectrum of Signs and Symptoms for Alzheimer's Disease11/22/2018
    Addressing Barriers to Early Detection for Alzheimer's Disease12/27/2019
    Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Pathogenesis: How Disease Origins Guide Early Detection Practices12/04/2019
    The Affordable Care Act in Practice: Successes, Failures, and What Comes Next12/17/2019
    APMs in Cancer Care: The Patient-Centered Oncology Payment Model03/21/2020
    The Rise of Specialist-Driven Alternative Payment Models in American Medicine09/20/2018
    How Information Technology Will Revolutionize Mental Health Care01/07/2020
    Thoughts on Physician Advocacy and Payment Reform with AMA Past-President Andrew Gurman, MD03/08/2017
    The Future of Medicare Payment Reform: Perspectives on MACRA with CMS's Andy Slavitt05/15/2017
    Addressing Health Disparities Through Faith-Based Organizations
    Defining Health Care's Change Agents: Reactions to the Villanova Health Summit Panel Discussion
    Roles of the Healthcare Industry in Expanding Interprofessional Collaborations12/18/2019
    When Parents Become National Health Advocacy Leaders: Gene Kestenbaum and the Crohn's and Colitis...
    Reducing the Culture of Stress, In and Out of Clinical Practice08/21/2020
    The 7 Key Health Metrics for Cardiovascular Health01/03/2020
    Meningitis Education and Prevention: Beyond the Headlines10/16/2019
    Bringing Medical Genetics into Obstetrics and Gynecology: The Future of Women's Health09/18/2020
    When Disaster Strikes: Challenges in Securing Funds for Disaster Medicine
    U.S. Researchers Use Gene Editing to Remove HIV from 100% of Cells 01/01/2020
    New Guidelines for Umbilical Cord Blood Banking12/31/2019
    #PatientsFirst: Utilizing Social Media to Enhance Patient Safety12/19/2019
    Leading Disaster Medicine Initiatives in the US and Beyond01/02/2020
    Engaging Younger Physicians in Emergency Medicine's Future01/02/2020
    Help for People with Gluten Sensitivities at Restaurants08/10/2019
    The Rise of Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine12/13/2019
    The Next Evolution of Medical Simulations: Updates from ACEP's InnovatED12/25/2019
    Tracing the Rise of Integrated Medicine01/01/2020
    High Hopes for Cannabis in Oncology: Therapeutic Applications Beyond Pain Management 08/29/2020
    No Pain, No Gain? The Benefits of Unconventional Exercise Pursuits10/16/2019
    Redefining the Gut-Brain Axis: How the Microbiome Influences Chronic Diseases08/14/2019
    Health Care in Financial Crisis: Are Emergency Medicine Models the Answer?01/06/2020
    Envisioning the Emergency Department of Tomorrow: ACEP's InnovatED 05/09/2018
    Protecting the Brain After Cardiac Arrest: Research Discoveries from Past to Present11/30/2019
    Priority Initiatives from the American College of Emergency Physicians: An Interview with Executi...05/29/2018
    'Poop Pills' for C. diff Infection: A New Way to Administer Fecal Transplants
    Meds Get a Makeover: FDA Approves First 3D-Printed Drug
    Treating Stomach Cancer . . . With Botox Injections?
    Does the Gut Microbiome Influence Our Behaviors?
    Peanut Butter Smell Test 'Sniffs Out' Alzheimer’s Disease10/26/2016
    'Pac Man' Enzyme Eats Nicotine to Curb Smoking
    Controlling and Eliminating Neglected Tropical Diseases Worldwide: The END Fund's Mission08/26/2019
    Nutrition and Breast Cancer Risk: Connecting the Dots with Emerging Evidence08/16/2020
    Bringing Retired Physicians Back into Practice: One Company's Innovative Method12/28/2019
    Redefining Medical School Candidacy: The Rise of Bioethics in Admissions Testing05/23/2018
    The Path Toward Cures for Hepatitis B & C: Patrick Higgins' Story 01/10/2020
    Exercise During Pregnancy: The Evidence on Benefits vs Risks08/07/2020
    Should Annual Routine Pelvic Examinations Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?12/04/2018
    Working to Eliminate Measles Around the Globe
    A Treatment for Schizophrenia in Adults03/16/2017
    A Treatment for Acute Manic or Mixed Episodes of Bipolar I Disorder in Adults04/06/2017
    Talking About Sex: Case Stories Highlighting Physician/Patient Communication Barriers09/04/2020
    Back to the Future: a History of ACOG in Social Media's Golden Age01/17/2020
    Saving Grandmother’s Brain: Therapeutic Options for Maintaining Midlife Mood, Mind, and Memory 08/14/2020
    Guiding the Collective Voice of OB/GYN: Dr. Hal Lawrence, EVP and CEO of ACOG05/30/2018
    Next Horizons in Specialty Leadership: Dr. Tom Gellhaus, President-Elect of ACOG01/09/2020
    Looking Back, Striving Forward: Novel Directions from Dr. Mark DeFrancesco, ACOG's 66th President05/03/2018
    Creating a Lasting Legacy: Perspectives from Dr. Jeanne Conry, 64th President of ACOG01/07/2020
    In-Office Endometrial Ablation Procedures: Benefits, Limitations, and Risks01/17/2020
    Prevention and Control of Skin Cancer
    Addressing Preparedness Challenges for Children in Public Health Emergencies
    Global Polio Eradication: Reaching Every Last Child
    Hypnosis in Clinical Medicine: Ready for Prime Time?12/04/2018
    Placenta Accreta: Strategies to Improve Diagnosis and Management12/05/2018
    Updates from the "Pulmonary Pipeline" of COPD Drug Developments12/13/2018
    Changing Fibroid Treatment Protocols: Reactions to FDA Warnings on Power Morcellation04/14/2017
    Cord Blood Banking: Top Tips for the Busy OB/GYN02/21/2020
    State of the Union on Antibiotic Stewardship12/28/2019
    Understanding the Causes of Major Birth Defects: Steps to Prevention
    Exploring Roles of Hypnosis in Obstetrics, Pain Management, and Beyond09/11/2020
    Improving Reproductive Outcomes in Women with Multiple Sclerosis04/20/2016
    Climate Change and Health: From Science to Practice
    Evolving Views on Ovarian Tumor Risk Assessments09/06/2020
    Unusual Transplant-associated Infections: Just How Unusual?
    How Pharmacists Can Improve Our Nation’s Health
    Preventing A Million Heart Attacks and Strokes: A Turning Point for Impact
    Time for Public Health Action on Infertility
    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Prevention of HIV
    Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Numbers to Know-How
    Preventing Youth Violence
    Measuring Science Impact
    The National Campaign to Recognize Female Sexual Dysfunction05/18/2018
    Sexuality in Elder Women: Why Physicians Need to Ask About It09/04/2020
    The 25th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Hepatitis C Virus: Looking Back to Look Forward04/16/2018
    The Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine's Keys to OB/GYN Success04/27/2018
    Millennials Teaching Millennials: The Next Generation of Clinical Education and Practice02/18/2016
    Hereditary Cancer Syndromes and the Obstetrician/Gynecologist04/27/2018
    From Disease Management to Preventive Medicine: Dr. Jonathan Burg's Story10/12/2017
    Addressing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the US: Who Will Take the Lead?03/02/2018
    Breaking Inter-Generational Cycles of Disease Determinism: The DOHaD Project02/23/2016
    The Utility of Medical History in Clinical Training02/24/2016
    State of Cancer Care in America from ASCO President Clifford Hudis, MD08/21/2015
    Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Tackling a New Face of an Old Foe03/15/2018
    New Horizons for ReachMD10/18/2013
    Dr. Robert C Young on Clinical Research Advances at ASCO06/19/2015
    Reducing the Burden of HPV-associated Cancer & Disease, Part 306/10/2016
    Reducing the Burden of HPV-associated Cancer & Disease, Part 206/10/2016
    Reducing the Burden of HPV-associated Cancer & Disease, Part 106/10/2016
    Advancements in Stroke Prevention: Anticoagulation for Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation, Part 302/26/2015
    Advancements in Stroke Prevention: Anticoagulation for Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation, Part 202/26/2015
    Advancements in Stroke Prevention: Anticoagulation for Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation, Part 102/26/2015
    Alternative Approaches to the Treatment of Depression, Part 205/29/2015
    Alternative Approaches to the Treatment of Depression, Part 105/29/2015
    Treating Hypertension: A Comprehensive Review, Part 310/05/2012
    Treating Hypertension: A Comprehensive Review, Part 210/05/2012
    Treating Hypertension: A Comprehensive Review, Part 110/05/2012
    New Screening Techniques for Down Syndrome11/16/2012
    Affordable Care Act for Women: Additional Birth Control Options?04/25/2018
    Obesity in Children and Teens: The Silent Pandemic02/26/2016
    Patients' Perspectives on Fibromyalgia, Part 209/18/2020
    Patients' Perspectives on Fibromyalgia, Part 109/18/2020
    CDC - Global Tobacco Control: A Prevention "Best Buy," Part 210/02/2015
    CDC - Global Tobacco Control: A Prevention "Best Buy," Part 112/11/2014
    ACMG -- The Coming Revolution in Medical Genetics03/22/2018
    Dyslipidemia: Optimizing Outcomes for the Complicated Patient11/27/2017
    Nutritional Trajectory for the Preterm Infant at Discharge03/05/2018
    Confronting The Osteoporosis Epidemic09/18/2020
    Prova -- Building an Effective Preterm Infant Nutrition Discharge Plan11/18/2012
    Improving Cervical Cancer Screening03/26/2018
    Managing Nutritional Care of the Premie Graduate: A Pediatrician's Perspective01/25/2018
    Prova Education -- Improving Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes: Overcoming Barriers to Optimal Care, ...12/14/2012
    Prova Education -- Improving Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes: Overcoming Barriers to Optimal Care, ...12/14/2012
    Prova Education -- Improving Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes: Overcoming Barriers to Optimal Care, ...12/14/2012
    CDC - Reducing Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in the US, Part 304/11/2014
    CDC - Reducing Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in the US, Part 204/11/2014
    CDC - Reducing Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in the US, Part 104/11/2014
    Prova Education -- Implementing the Updated Guidelines in Managing Asthma in Primary Care Practic...04/13/2012
    Prova Education -- Implementing the Updated Guidelines in Managing Asthma in Primary Care Practic...04/13/2012
    Alzheimer's Disease and the Key to Finding Better Treatments01/13/2012
    Conference Coverage from the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Diabetes Association07/15/2011
    Arizona - Update in Cardiocerebral Resuscitation, Part 301/23/2015
    Arizona - Update in Cardiocerebral Resuscitation, Part 201/23/2015
    Arizona - Update in Cardiocerebral Resuscitation, Part 101/23/2015
    CDC - Creating a Healthier Future Through Prevention of Child Maltreatment, Part 301/02/2015
    CDC - Creating a Healthier Future through Prevention of Child Maltreatment, Part 201/02/2015
    CDC - Creating a Healthier Future through Prevention of Child Maltreatment, Part 101/02/2015
    Conference Coverage from the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology07/01/2011
    University of Arizona - Global Pediatrics: Treatment of Scorpion Envenomation, Part 303/05/2015
    University of Arizona - Global Pediatrics: Treatment of Scorpion Envenomation, Part 203/05/2015
    University of Arizona - Global Pediatrics: Treatment of Scorpion Envenomation, Part 103/05/2015
    Conference Coverage from the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association06/24/2011
    CDC - Lyme Disease: Challenges and Innovations, Part 311/13/2014
    CDC - Lyme Disease: Challenges and Innovations, Part 211/13/2014
    CDC - Lyme Disease: Challenges and Innovations, Part 111/13/2014
    Conference Coverage from 2011 Digestive Disease Week06/03/2011
    University of Arizona - Approaches in Congestive Heart Failure, Part 311/09/2012
    University of Arizona - Approaches in Congestive Heart Failure, Part 211/09/2012
    University of Arizona - Approaches in Congestive Heart Failure, Part 111/09/2012
    Coverage From the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists05/12/2011
    Gifts From the Poor: Practicing in the Poorest Parts of the World02/01/2018
    CDC - Sodium Reduction: Time for Choice, Part 309/21/2012
    CDC - Sodium Reduction: Time for Choice, Part 209/21/2012
    CDC - Sodium Reduction: Time for Choice, Part 109/21/2012
    View From the Other Side: The Doctor as Patient01/01/2018
    American College of Cardiology's 2011 Scientific Session and Expo07/08/2011
    University of Arizona - Preclinical Stage Alzheimer's Disease: Characterizing and Defining the Tr...10/19/2012
    University of Arizona - Preclinical Stage Alzheimer's Disease: Characterizing and Defining the Tr...10/19/2012
    University of Arizona - Preclinical Stage Alzheimer's Disease: Characterizing and Defining the Tr...10/19/2012
    Conference Coverage From the American College of Physicians 201104/18/2011
    In the Pink? Examining Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns12/30/2011
    CDC - TB & HIV: A Deadly Duo, Part 311/02/2012
    CDC - TB & HIV: A Deadly Duo, Part 211/02/2012
    CDC - TB & HIV: A Deadly Duo, Part 111/02/2012
    Findings Presented at the 2011 Meeting of the AAAAI04/08/2011
    Follow-Up on Japan: Assessing Radiation and Mental Health Threats04/08/2011
    University of Arizona - Respiratory Management of Children with Neuromuscular Diseases, Part 309/14/2012
    University of Arizona - Respiratory Management of Children with Neuromuscular Diseases, Part 209/14/2012
    University of Arizona - Respiratory Management of Children with Neuromuscular Diseases, Part 109/14/2012
    Assessing the Disasters in Japan03/25/2011
    Facts, Myths, and Computer Overlords03/19/2018
    CDC - Prescription Drug Overdoses: An American Epidemic, Part 301/06/2012
    CDC - Prescription Drug Overdoses: An American Epidemic, Part 201/06/2012
    CDC - Prescription Drug Overdoses: An American Epidemic, Part 101/06/2012
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' 2011 Annual Meeting02/17/2011
    American Academy of Dermatology 2011 Meeting02/25/2011
    The Fine Art of Extraction & Other Remarkable Undertakings02/25/2011
    Anniversary Report From Haiti & an Alzheimer's Milestone01/28/2011
    The Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 201001/14/2011
    New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine01/14/2011
    Ring Out the False and Ring in the True: Our Last Episode of 201012/31/2010
    Coverage from RSNA 201012/31/2010
    The 2010 Annual Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)12/13/2010
    Ah-Choo! Second Opinion Gets Up Close to the Common Cold02/11/2011
    The Next Big Thing in Continuing Medical Education?12/03/2010
    The American College of Surgeons 96th Annual Clinical Congress12/03/2010
    Coverage From the Infectious Disease Society of America's 48th Annual Meeting11/12/2010
    American College of Gastroenterology's 75th Annual Scientific Meeting11/05/2010
    The Mütter Museum & Other Spine-Tingling Topics in Medicine11/05/2010
    Conference Coverage Highlights From Health 2.0 201011/12/2010
    Coverage from the 2010 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition10/22/2010
    Weird Science: A Conversation with the Father of the Ig-Nobel Prize10/22/2010
    Building a New Tower at Hadassah Medical Center12/26/2014
    Radio on the Internet: Second Opinion Goes to a Virtual Oncology Conference10/05/2010
    Second Opinion Goes Back to Med School09/24/2010
    Five Years Later: Katrina's Mental Health Impact09/10/2010
    The Physician/Journalist In a Disaster: Ethics and Objectivity08/27/2010
    The Ethics of Physician-Journalists Reporting from Disaster Areas10/01/2010
    Haiti’s Transition From Acute Crisis to Quiet Crisis08/13/2010
    The Physician to the President07/30/2010
    Haiti Six Months Later: Assessing the Aftermath07/16/2010
    Letters to a Young Doctor06/18/2010
    The Physician Without an OFF-Button06/04/2010
    Career Day: Assessing Your Life and Practice in the Clinical Profession05/21/2010
    World Wide Medicine: Globetrotting and Crowdsourcing05/07/2010
    A Doctor's Right to Help Patients Die04/23/2010
    Curiouser and Curiouser: Origins of Medicine's Myths and Mysteries04/09/2010
    What Are the Odds? The Hidden Influence of Probability and Statistics on Everything We Do03/26/2010
    Conference Coverage Highlights From HIMSS 2010 - Part 203/26/2010
    Conference Coverage Highlights - HIMSS1003/19/2010
    Report From Capitol Hill with AMA Board Chair Dr. Rebecca Patchin03/12/2010
    Searching for a Cure for Cancer: James Watson, Discoverer of DNA02/26/2010
    Is 'Alternative' Medicine Effective?01/22/2010
    Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders12/25/2009
    Down-To-Earth Space Medicine with Astronaut Dr. Michael Barratt12/11/2009
    The Art of Diagnosis: Embracing the Physician Detective Role11/20/2009
    Feeling Financial Pressure? How Your Practice Can Adjust11/06/2009
    Are Out-of-State Provider Licensing Laws Due for a Change?10/23/2009
    Eschewing the Flu: H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza10/09/2009
    Can You Parlay Your Clinical Skills into a Non-Clinical Career?09/25/2009
    After Katrina: Clarifying Triage Rules, Resolving Moral Issues09/11/2009
    Do Your Assumptions Interfere With the Care You Provide?08/28/2009
    Are Fat, Sugar and Salt Holding Our Health Hostage?08/14/2009
    Encouraging Physician Involvement in Health Care Reform07/31/2009
    Do Our Professional Organizations Represent Our Interests?07/17/2009
    Conference Coverage Highlights: Games for Health 200907/24/2009
    Digestive Diseases Week: 2009 Conference Coverage07/17/2009
    The Brain Trust Program06/08/2008
    Patients' Personalized Medical Search Engine06/15/2008
    Food for Thought... for Medicine!05/25/2008
    The AMA's Medical Communications Conference04/13/2008
    XDR-TB: The Responsive Systems in Place06/10/2007
    XDR-TB: A Special News Recap Discussion06/10/2007
    Multiple Sclerosis Research05/27/2007
    Emergency Cardiology05/27/2007
    Preparing for Large Scale Medical Crises09/16/2007
    H5N1: Avian Influenza04/29/2007
    Human Genome Project04/22/2007
    Science of Sleep04/22/2007
    Diversity in Medical School04/22/2007
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