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Maurice Pickard, MD
Maurice Pickard, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Conquer the Clutter: Strategies to Identify, Manage, & Overcome Hoarding
    Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, & Happiness Through INTUITIVE EATING04/05/2020
    Birth Rights & Wrongs: How Medicine & Technology Are Remaking Reproduction & the Law12/31/2019
    Bottles of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom12/16/2019
    Dr. Google Is a Liar12/30/2019
    The Performance of Medicine12/06/2019
    Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America12/19/2019
    Beauty in the Broken Places: Memoir of Love, Faith, and Resilience01/08/2021
    Effects of Medicaid Access on Clinical Outcomes: Does Coverage Improve Health?01/08/2020
    Time for a Heart-to-Heart: Reflections of Life on the Transplant List
    High Price: How A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery is Challenging Society's Perception ...12/23/2019
    The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies are Changing the Way We Have Kids - and the Kids We Have01/01/2020
    Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care—And Why We’re Usually Wrong12/30/2019
    What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear: A Guide to Improving Patient Communication12/05/2019
    Committed: The Battle Over Involuntary Psychiatric Care01/04/2020
    Transgender Children & Youth: Cultivating Pride & Joy with Families in Transition12/16/2019
    Dorothy in a Man's World: An Inside Look at the Life and Career of Dr. Dorothy Mendenhall12/26/2019
    Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer's Journey12/18/2019
    Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor's Reflection on Race & Medicine12/20/2019
    Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found
    The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, & Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age
    Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs10/23/2020
    Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work12/17/2019
    The Traumatized Brain: A Family Guide to Understanding Mood, Memory, and Behavior after Brain Injury01/04/2020
    Health Considerations for a Global Village: Toward Better Care Infrastructures Worldwide12/04/2018
    Addressing Health Care Disparities for Black Women with Breast Cancer01/27/2021
    Hunger, Hope & Healing by Sarahjoy Marsh06/01/2016
    The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma01/08/2020
    Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease11/01/2019
    Meet Maurice Pickard, MD
    Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician06/03/2016
    <i>The Other Talk:</i> A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children About the Rest of Your Life05/18/2016
    Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me06/08/2016
    The Diabetes Breakthrough: Dr. Osama Hamdy on his 12-week Plan11/09/2016
    Rehabilitation and "Prehabilitation" Services for Cancer Survivors01/24/2021
    American College of Physician Policy Recommendations for Reducing Gun-Related Injuries and Deaths...08/14/2015
    Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death06/09/2016
    On the Art of Caring06/21/2016
    Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why05/04/2016
    How to Help Family Caregivers01/15/2016
    Advice to the Healer: On the Art of Caring04/21/2016
    Health Care Solidarity for the LGBT Community09/12/2016
    Disability and Discrimination in the Doctor's Office04/02/2015
    Final Exam: A Surgeon's Reflections on Mortality10/14/2016
    Surgeon in Blue: Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War Doctor Who Pioneered Battlefield Care05/05/2016
    Treating Multidrug Resistant TB Within and Beyond India's Borders06/11/2018
    Taking TB Treatment to India's Doorsteps: Progress from Operation ASHA07/03/2015
    The Impact of Nutrition Information Labels on Consumer Behavior03/13/2015
    Which Patients Should be Eligible for Lap-Bands?03/19/2015
    Insulin Resistance and the Risk of Ischemic Stroke02/08/2018
    Clinical Limitations of the Metabolic Syndrome: Do We Need to Redefine the Concept?11/21/2014
    Medicine in the Nazi Regime: Ethical Lessons Learned02/25/2011
    Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill09/24/2010
    Haiti's Acute Crisis Response: A Retrospective09/10/2010
    Attachment-based Family Therapy for Treating Adolescent Depression07/25/2017
    Protecting Girls From Genital Mutilation and Circumcision08/13/2010
    Preventing HIV Transmission in Breastfeeding06/03/2011
    The Benefits of Prenatal Consultation and Neonatal Ethics09/18/2015
    SWAT Team Doc: Physician as Police Officer11/12/2010
    Passport to Health: Issues in Medical Tourism08/31/2012
    Posthumous Reproductive Rights06/10/2011
    "Smile Pinki" Highlights Cleft Palate Repair in India12/11/2009
    Weighing Testosterone Therapy in Patients With Prostate Cancer04/23/2015
    Re-evaluating Testosterone Therapy06/17/2011
    Antifungal Treatment for Asthma04/13/2016
    The Ethical Considerations of Transplanting a Face11/06/2009
    Cockroaches & New Real-World Clues to Asthma06/11/2015
    Operation ASHA & Treating Slum Dwellers in India08/31/2012
    Human Oocyte Donation: What Are the Ethical Issues?01/29/2010
    Thriving Egg Business: Problems & Solutions08/07/2015
    Oncofertility and Family Planning for Cancer Survivors04/09/2015
    A Model for Urban Wellness: The Physician's Role01/30/2009
    A City’s Initiative to Prevent Chronic Disease01/16/2009
    How They Built a Clinic Where There Was None in Lwala, Kenya12/30/2011
    A Dream Come True: Delivering Healthcare to Lwala12/05/2014
    The Road to Leadership02/06/2009
    Teaching Physicians to Lead05/15/2015
    Consciousness During Cardiac Death: A Window to Improving Brain Resuscitation?02/27/2015
    Global Health Implications of an Increasing Water Shortage01/26/2016
    Access to Water, Access to Health01/19/2016
    The Genetics of Methuselah09/28/2015
    The Underpinnings of Exceptional Longevity09/23/2015
    Studying Our Aging Population to Improve Healthcare09/24/2015
    The Ethical Framework for Surrogate Decision Making04/19/2018
    A Doctor's Personal Struggle With Parkinson's Disease04/04/2018
    Are We Doing All We Can to Stop the AIDS Epidemic?11/02/2008
    HIV Testing After 25 Years10/26/2008
    2,000 Years to End Female Genital Cutting01/02/2009
    Changing a Culture: Women and Health In Senegal12/18/2009
    Influenza Vaccination Benefits to the Elderly03/13/2009
    Cultural Proficiency 101: New Skills for Providers01/23/2009
    Lack of Cultural Competency: A Factor in Health Disparities11/02/2008
    Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Ethical Questions03/21/2016
    An Emerging Vaccine Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer11/07/2008
    Volunteering in the Civilian Medical Reserve Corps09/04/2009
    Roles of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps in a Disaster09/21/2008
    In Pursuit of Success Against HIV10/26/2008
    XVII International AIDS Conference: Progress Report10/12/2008
    A Quantitative Look at ER Overuse09/07/2008
    Identifying and Understanding Cerebral Microbleeds09/28/2008
    An Economist's Solution to the Organ Market Gap11/28/2008
    The Fiscal Considerations of Organ Donation09/21/2008
    Too Much Medicine? Thinking Twice Before Treating02/20/2018
    Is the Best Treatment Also the Most Expensive?02/12/2018
    The Model for Compensation to Research "Volunteers " is Called Into Question02/13/2018
    Unfair Treatment of Phase I Clinical Trial Subjects02/13/2018
    What Docs Need From Pharma Education Programs10/05/2008
    Industry Interpretation of Revised PhRMA Code08/24/2008
    Improving Pediatric Palliative Care02/14/2018
    Finasteride Dilema: To Treat or Not To Treat?10/12/2008
    A Magic Bullet for Prostate Cancer or a Medical Quandary?08/17/2008
    A Model for Processing Pharmaceutical Information07/02/2008
    Pharmaceutical Representatives are Not Going Away. How Can They Help Us Most?07/02/2008
    How Type 1 Diabetics are Excelling in Sports09/24/2015
    Undiagnosed Diseases: A Place to Turn02/22/2018
    Considering the Lifespan of Men10/01/2015
    Awareness of Our Own Mortality Makes Us Better Doctors03/06/2018
    Overcoming Fear of Death for Both Patients and Doctors03/20/2018
    The Best System that Money Can Buy09/14/2008
    History, Values and Healthcare10/19/2008
    HIV and the Costs of Non-Disclosure09/28/2008
    Why Do Males Have More Liver Cancer Than Females?06/22/2008
    Detecting Parathyroid Disease06/19/2009
    New Tools for Successful Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery08/10/2008
    Guiding a Patient With Huntington's Disease03/07/2018
    Toward Better Disclosures of Fatal Adult Onset Inherited Disease03/20/2018
    Helping Patients Deal with the Psychosocial Issues of Huntington's Disease03/28/2018
    Can Commoditization and Altruism of Organ Transplantation Coexist?07/20/2008
    Organ Sales in Iran: Is It Worth a Look?12/19/2008
    Where There are No Psychiatrists03/15/2018
    Overlooking Global Mental Health03/15/2018
    Medically Manipulating the Mind01/03/2018
    Cosmetic Neurology and the Extreme Makeover for the Brain01/03/2018
    When Chronic Illness Shortens a Medical Career12/06/2017
    When Doctors Become Patients: How Wounded Healers Heal Best11/30/2017
    When Medical Volunteerism Reinvents Your Career: A Physician's Experiences in Ghana01/04/2018
    Proud to Be an American Physician12/07/2017
    Sharing Scientific Data: Wikipedia or Encyclopaedia Brittanica?05/18/2008
    Ethical and Logistic Consequences of Closed Scientific Data04/27/2008
    Ethical Issues in a Pandemic: Social Justice09/28/2008
    Ethical Issues in a Pandemic: Standard of Care09/11/2009
    Ethical Pandemic Dilemmas: Resource Shortages09/07/2008
    Reprogamming Skin Cells to Act Like Stem Cells04/27/2008
    The Three-Parent Embryo: Ethical Implications03/30/2008
    Operation Asha: Making a Difference in India01/02/2009
    Operation Asha: Treating Outcasts Where the Caste System Has Been Outlawed12/19/2008
    Tuberculosis: Better Treatment Access in India12/05/2008
    Identifying the Vague Symptoms of MS07/06/2008
    Groundbreaking MS Research03/16/2008
    New Drugs for Patients With Multiple Sclerosis03/09/2008
    Transplant Waitlist: Ethnic Considerations05/11/2008
    Increasing Transplant Supply: Incentives?03/23/2008
    Intolerable Waits for a Commodity in Short Supply03/02/2008
    Better Processes: Essential for Safer Healthcare02/10/2008
    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Vision for Improving Care Quality03/02/2008
    "My Maggie:" The Experience of Usher Syndrome04/06/2008
    "My Maggie:" a Husband's Account of Usher Syndrome02/10/2008
    Evaluating Mental Illness in Disaster Survivors05/04/2008
    Persisting Depression Among Katrina Survivors09/28/2008
    Healthcare in Iraq: Past, Present and Future III03/30/2008
    Healthcare in Iraq: Past, Present and Future II03/09/2008
    Healthcare in Iraq: Past, Present and Future02/03/2008
    The Kano Philosophy for Excellence in Health Care01/13/2008
    Investment Returns on Improved Quality of Care06/29/2008
    Project HOPE: 50 Years of Global Health Service12/26/2008
    Project HOPE: Partnerships Around the World04/13/2008
    Addressing Global Energy Needs and Health Impacts06/01/2008
    Medical Hazards of the Nuclear Age10/12/2008
    Teaching Communicative Skills to Medical Students05/11/2008
    Reducing Medical Errors and Improving Transparency in Patient Care05/25/2008
    Lessening the Financial Suffering of Disease01/06/2008
    Terminal Illness and the Secondary Economic Blows12/02/2007
    Humanitarian Challenges for UNRWA in Gaza City12/23/2007
    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency08/01/2014
    Political Solutions for the Diabetes Pandemic11/25/2007
    Diabetes: A Global Epidemic07/06/2008
    " To err is human. To forgive......."12/16/2007
    The Power of Apology and Communication11/04/2007
    Addressing Diabetes Across Political Divides11/04/2007
    Healing Across The Divides11/25/2007
    Ethical Dilemmas in National Disaster Response10/28/2007
    Ethical Issues Arising in Natural Disasters09/18/2009
    Vaccine Nanotechnology: A New Medical Frontier01/20/2008
    A New Weapon Against Bioterrorism09/21/2008
    Recognizing the Needs for Cultural Competency05/18/2008
    Challenges for the Hispanic Centers for Excellence06/01/2008
    Women's Role in the Control of TB in India10/07/2007
    Stopping the Tuberculosis Epidemic in India01/20/2008
    Orthopedic Surgeon to the Olympic Ski Team07/06/2008
    Issues Confronting the Physician in a War Zone10/01/2009
    An Orthopedic Surgeon in a Third World Country09/16/2007
    Life of a Battalion Surgeon04/06/2008
    "Through the gates of hell for a wounded Marine"09/16/2007
    "On Call in Hell:" a book about an MD Hero09/09/2007
    Trends in The Spread of AIDS in Asia: Marraige12/30/2007
    The Baby Business: IVF vs Adoption Issues07/29/2007
    An Examination of The "Baby Business"11/04/2007
    The Chicago Lighthouse: Socio-Political Objectives07/29/2007
    The Chicago Lighthouse Organization07/29/2007
    Ethical Issues in the NICU10/28/2007
    Public and Advocacy Responses to The Ashley Tx12/02/2007
    Defining and Discussing the Ashley Treatment10/07/2007
    Ethics of Paired Exchanges and Donor Websites06/24/2007
    "Marginal" Donors and "Presumed" Consents06/24/2007
    Ethical Policies for Transplant Surgery in China09/16/2007
    HIV/AIDS in Africa: a 25-Year Retrospective06/24/2007
    HIV/AIDS in the US: a 25-Year Retrospective09/23/2007
    Translating Treatment Services from Here to Rwanda08/19/2007
    Torture's Legacy: PTSD and its Treatments08/26/2007
    Torture's Physical and Psychological Impacts08/26/2007
    Deployment Into Hurricane Katrina's Ground Zero09/16/2007
    An Emergency Department on Wheels06/03/2007
    Medical Initiatives for When Help Isn't On the Way09/14/2016
    Medicine for the Masses?05/20/2007
    Care of HIV-Positive Women in the U.S.07/22/2016
    When Drugs are Not Enough: Caring For HIV-Positive Women in Rwanda03/01/2013
    Caring for Genocide Rape Survivors: The WE-ACTx Model03/08/2013
    Challenges in Providing Care in Underserved Areas05/13/2007
    Addressing Volunteerism in Underserved Areas09/09/2007
    Global Warming's Clinical and Political Solutions09/02/2007
    Global Warming and Disease09/02/2007
    Global Warming and Health: An Overview05/27/2007
    Treatment of HIV Positive Women01/07/2007
    Research Advances in Preserving Unfertilized Eggs05/06/2007
    Methods of Fertility Preservation05/06/2007
    Controversies in Hormonal Supplementation Regimes04/22/2007
    Conception and Design of the Cenegenics Institute04/22/2007
    Memory Care Home Solutions and Their Caregivers04/22/2007
    Ethical Issues in Access to Transplantation09/30/2007
    Ethics of Living Donor Transplantation04/15/2007
    Servicing the Most Underserved01/07/2007
    Ethical Concerns in a Potential Influenza Pandemic09/23/2007
    The Art of Doctor/Patient Communications04/01/2007
    Sports related brain injuries04/01/2007
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