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Mimi Secor, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP
Mimi Secor, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Connecting Care: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion on the Use of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antib...
    CONNECTING CARE: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion on the Use of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antib...02/17/2021
    CONNECTING CARE: A Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion on the Use of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antib...02/17/2021
    Part Two of Two Episodes: Key Prevention & Treatment Strategies for Osteoporosis
    Part One of Two Episodes: How the Top Osteoporosis Research Is Advancing Care
    Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age12/30/2019
    Practice What You Preach! A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle01/09/2020
    Engaging the Nursing Community in Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder09/12/2020
    Meet Mimi Secor, PhD, FNP-BC
    Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines: Finding Clarity in the Confusion12/28/2017
    Chronic Pain Management: The Family Practice Nursing Perspective01/03/2018
    Nurse Practitioners: Founding History and Present Challenges01/10/2018
    The Menopausal Patient: Clinical Pearls for Discovering and Managing Health Issues03/23/2018
    Everything Below the Belt: The Women's Health Foundation's Pelvic Health Mission04/20/2018
    How to Start a Pelvic Health Program05/25/2018
    The Menace of Multitasking in Clinical Practice03/28/2018
    How Can Nurse Practitioners Reduce Stress on the Job? Tips from a Life Coach03/07/2018
    CDC Guidelines for the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections01/16/2018
    The Practice That Wister Built: An NP's Rural Arizona Practice04/05/2018
    Seven Steps to Starting Your Own NP Practice02/28/2018
    What Family NPs Need to Know About Treating GI Patients01/24/2018
    Mitigating Legal Issues for NPs: The "Four C's" for Reducing Lawsuit Risks12/06/2017
    The Battle of the Bulge: Losing Weight and Keeping it Off11/18/2015
    Why Laughter May Be Good Medicine11/20/2015
    Quick and Accurate Research Evaluation for Busy Clinicians01/26/2017
    Why Become an NP? Perspectives From a Student12/15/2010
    From Nigeria’s Cholera Epidemic: An NP Reports Back12/12/2014
    An NP Goes to Washington to Discuss Health Reform With Michelle Obama12/10/2010
    Cutting the Fat in America: What NPs Can Do to Curb Obesity09/23/2011
    The New Field of Wellness Coaching10/19/2012
    The Medical Home: Not a Building, But a Model of Healthcare11/25/2011
    Innovations in Diabetes Management: The Role of the NP11/06/2014
    What Advanced Practice Clinicians Need to Know About Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer04/30/2015
    Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook: How NPs can Benefit From Social Media05/24/2013
    Is Your Community Hospital Prepared for a Disaster?09/24/2010
    How the VA System is Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Female Veterans01/06/2017
    How to Recognize Substance Abuse In Your Teen Patients08/27/2010
    Sex, Secrets and Teenage Girls08/13/2010
    The Correlation Between Diabetes, Weight, and Alzheimer's Disease01/02/2015
    How to Set Up a Bladder Health Program08/06/2010
    Help Wanted: Retail Health Clinics and Nurse Practitioners05/10/2013
    Nurse Practitioners in the Growing Field of Retail Healthcare07/09/2010
    In the Navy: The Nurse Practitioner's Role04/12/2013
    The Past and Future of the Nurse Practitioner Profession01/01/2015
    Massachusetts Case Study: Nurse Practitioners & the Demand for Primary Care07/20/2012
    Nurse Practitioners 101: How They Meet the Nation's Healthcare Needs11/30/2012
    The Expansion of Nurse Practitioners Worldwide08/31/2016
    The Future Educational Requirements for Nurse Practitioners09/28/2016
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