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Paul Raeburn
Paul Raeburn
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Study Defies FDA on Ultrasound Contrast Agents06/22/2008
    American College of Cardiology 2008 Conference04/27/2008
    ACC 2008 Special Report05/11/2008
    Cardiology Update from the 2008 ACC Annual Meeting05/04/2008
    Why We Sleep04/06/2008
    Computers on Your Contact Lens03/02/2008
    The Link Between Height and Arthritis02/24/2008
    Why Men Like Violence: Aggression Processing in the Brain06/08/2008
    Did Columbus Bring Syphilis Home From America?06/29/2008
    Rebuilding Hearts with Stem Cells02/10/2008
    Obama's Health Care Plan01/27/2008
    Weight Loss vs. Fitness: Which Reduces Cardiometabolic Risk More?12/18/2007
    Stem Cells May Help Heal Skull Fractures06/15/2008
    Innovations: Antidepressant May Boost Lifespan06/08/2008
    Gov. Bill Richardson on His Health Reform Plan12/30/2007
    Innovations: MRSA's New Mechanisms of Virulence01/06/2008
    The Genetics of Deadly Mushrooms06/01/2008
    John McCain's Healthcare Reform-In His Own Words04/27/2008
    Sen. Hillary Clinton: Healthcare Reform In Her Own Words12/30/2007
    The Fruit Fly of Plants: Testing Drug Safety with the Mustard Plant06/15/2008
    Microbes in Space!06/01/2008
    Biogeneric Drugs10/16/2007
    Innovations: Reversing Alzheimer's Disease10/16/2007
    Innovations: Does Estrogen Help Control Appetite?12/02/2007
    Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: An Alarming Rise11/25/2007
    Medicine's Future Beyond The Genome11/18/2007
    The Dawning Era of Personal Genomics11/11/2007
    The Psychological First Aid Kit09/07/2008
    When Good Cholesterol Goes Bad . . .02/03/2008
    Can a Virus Cause Obesity?01/27/2008
    The Greatest Acceleration of Research in History10/21/2007
    Cutting the Cost of Cancer Drugs01/13/2008
    Why Some People with HIV Never Get Sick09/30/2007
    New Antidepressants Begin To Work in Hours10/07/2007
    Government Foul-ups Deny Aid to 9/11 Workers09/23/2007
    Genes That Defy Evolution?01/20/2008
    Watching Memories Form at the Synaptic Level12/23/2007
    Diagnosing Autism--Researchers do it at 14 months09/02/2007
    Outpacing the FDA: Finding Adverse Drug Reactions09/02/2007
    Canada vs. U.S: The Real Data on Outcomes09/02/2007
    The Covert Plan to Privatize Medicare08/26/2007
    Overcoming chemotherapy resistance08/05/2007
    Teasing out the causes of cocaine addiction09/02/2007
    Massachusetts' New Health Plan: Who Likes It?08/19/2007
    Environmental Triggers of Parkinson's disease08/19/2007
    Personal genomes--your DNA on a disk08/26/2007
    Whole Genome Transplant09/23/2007
    Exploring the Human Genome07/15/2007
    Challenging Michael Moore on European Healthcare07/22/2007
    Gene Therapy for Hearing Loss07/22/2007
    The Curious Ecology of Cancer Cells07/29/2007
    Healthcare in Canada: Some Answers and Surprises07/15/2007
    Sneak Preview of Michael Moore's film "Sicko"07/01/2007
    Cord Blood Stem cells to treat Diabetes07/01/2007
    Gene Therapy for a Failing Heart07/08/2007
    Giving Consumers a Bigger Role in Health Costs07/08/2007
    The Elusive AIDS Vaccine06/24/2007
    How Breast Cancer Cells Metastasize06/17/2007
    The surprising benefits of herpes viruses08/12/2007
    A New War on Cancer06/03/2007
    How To Fix a Broken Mental Health Care System: Lessons from Virginia Tech09/30/2007
    The Surprising Genetics of Bipolar Disorder05/27/2007
    Lessons from 1993: Hillary Clinton's health care05/27/2007
    Mental Health Parity Legislation: Updates from Capitol Hill06/17/2007
    Stem Cell Research: A Physicist's Thoughtful Look on When Life Begins05/27/2007
    Bringing Medicaid to People Who Need it05/13/2007
    The Elephant in the Room: Health Care in DC05/13/2007
    Safety Concerns about Supplements: Multi-Vitamins and Glucosamine-Chondroitin05/20/2007
    Reviewing the National Cancer Institute Budget05/20/2007
    Lowering the Cost of Pharmaceuticals: What Can Be Done in Washington?05/13/2007
    Innovations in Medicine: Infections in Infants05/06/2007
    The Future of SCHIP: How to Insure More Children06/17/2007
    A Former FDA Commissioner Looks Back at the Agency06/17/2007
    The Graceful Words of a Surgeon-Writer: Dr. Atul Gawande's Story10/07/2007
    Virginia Tech's Massacre: Reflections on American Mental Health Care Infrastructure05/20/2007
    New Test for Prostate Cancer05/13/2007
    Innovations in Medicine: Bipolar Depression05/20/2007
    Anti-Smoking Campaigns: Impact on the movie industry04/29/2007
    Reforming Medicare: Issues and Policy Changes04/29/2007
    Pay for Performance: Can it Really Work?04/29/2007
    Innovations in Medicine: Updates in Cancer04/29/2007
    Salt and Trans Fat in the Food System: Countering a Silent Health Crisis04/22/2007
    Updates on Food Labeling: Effects Felt from Manufacturers to Consumers04/22/2007
    Innovations in Medicine: Middle Ear Infections04/22/2007
    Innovations in Medicine: The "Clock" Gene04/15/2007
    National Healthcare Scorecard: the Economy04/08/2007
    Decrease In Cancer Funding Nationwide: Impacts on Patients04/15/2007
    The AMA's Top Public Health Issues: Obesity, Alcohol, & Health Insurance01/07/2007
    The AMA's Stance on Tobacco Control06/17/2007
    Antibiotics in Cattle: Considerations in the FDA's Approval Process04/01/2007
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