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Paul Rokuskie
Paul Rokuskie
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Why Has the Prevalence Rate of Autism Tripled in Recent Years?11/19/2018
    What is the Economic Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder?11/13/2018
    Autism: The Critical Importance of Early, Individualized Diagnosis12/05/2018
    Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk Factors: Environmental and Genetic Components
    Environmental Risk Factors Affecting Autism Spectrum Disorder Rates11/27/2018
    Studies in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Paradox of Conflicting Results12/05/2018
    Rapid Eye Movement:The Gateway to New Insights in Autism?11/13/2018
    Future Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder10/18/2018
    Pioneering Research Avenues for Autism Spectrum Disorder 10/24/2018
    How Autism Manifests Differently in Girls vs Boys11/23/2018
    Research Foundations for Early Autism Intervention Programs12/28/2017
    Autism's Culture Clash: Anthropological Perspectives Across the Globe 03/22/2018
    Addressing Social Cognitive Deficits in Children with Autism12/05/2018
    Meet Paul Rokuskie
    Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad's Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum04/12/2018
    Parental Roles in Autism Advocacy: Perspectives from Eustacia Cutler01/23/2018
    Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): How Technology Aids Non-Verbal Communication12/05/2018
    Social Joint Attention as an Early Diagnostic Marker for Autism in Infancy04/04/2018
    Autism in Adults: Special Challenges and Therapeutic Approaches01/10/2018
    Autism's Gut/Brain Connection: Can the Microbiome Influence Neurodevelopment?01/04/2018
    Uncovering the Brain Bases and Genetic Causes of Autism01/30/2018
    Fostering Greater Collaboration in ASD Care: The Autism Treatment Network02/07/2018
    Could Vitamin D Supplementation Help Prevent Autism?06/03/2018
    Advocacy Updates from the Alzheimer's Association05/20/2016
    Investigating the Rising Prevalence Rates of Autism02/15/2018
    DSM-V Updates in the Diagnosis and Classification of Autism02/21/2018
    Creating "Autism-Friendly" Medical Practices08/16/2017
    Roles of Applied Behavioral Analysis in Autism Therapy03/07/2018
    Addressing Socialization Challenges in Patients with Autism02/28/2018
    Updates From the European Autism Interventions (EU-AIMS) Consortium08/30/2017
    Translational Research for Autism Spectrum Disorder08/22/2017
    The Parent's Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorder09/11/2015
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