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Prathima Setty, MD
Prathima Setty, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Oncology Emergency Essentials: Addressing Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Your Practice02/22/2018
    All Cord Blood Banks Are Not the Same: Private and Public Facilities02/22/2018
    Why is Talking about Dyspareunia with our Menopausal Patients so Painful?01/26/2018
    COPD: Why Appropriate Device Selection is Important01/21/2018
    'Cutting the Cord' on Outdated L&D Practices: The Benefits of Delayed Umbilical Cord Cutting11/17/2017
    Advanced Clinical Counseling Strategies for Obesity
    Evolving Stances on Treating Ambiguous Genitalia and other Sex Development Disorders06/10/2016
    Post-Menopause Vaginal Health Issues & Treatment12/15/2017
    Non-Hormonal Options for Hot Flashes in the Post Menopausal Patient01/26/2018
    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: The Impact on the Midlife Woman06/22/2016
    Rethinking Breast Cancer Screening: Weighing the Benefits & Harms06/21/2016
    Hair Concerns in the Post Menopausal Patient11/10/2017
    Osteoporosis & Menopause; Individualizing Therapy for HRT11/03/2017
    Systemic Hormonal Therapy Options for Post-Menopausal Patients10/13/2017
    Beyond the "Barebones" of Osteoporosis Management01/19/2018
    Cosmetic Concerns of Our Post Menopausal Patients12/22/2017
    Examining Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods12/01/2017
    The Brass Tacks on Bruxism: Diagnostic and Treatment Updates09/26/2014
    Female Sexual Dysfunction: Common Problem But Uncommonly Discussed10/20/2017
    Transgender Health: Sex, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression01/19/2018
    From the Military to Civilian Medicine and Beyond: A Locum Tenens Physician's Career Path07/10/2015
    Window to the Diabetic Patient's Life: An Endocrinologist's Shared Experience10/27/2017
    The Patients We Must Not Miss: Recognizing Depression in Primary Care10/25/2017
    Managing GERD, Barrett's Esophagus, and Esophageal Cancer09/18/2015
    Childhood Obesity: The Number One Health Concern08/28/2015
    Empowering Women to Improve Their Physical and Mental Health06/10/2016
    Fertility Preservation Options for Women02/09/2018
    Personalized Approaches to Initiating HRT in Menopausal Women12/11/2015
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