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Shira Johnson, MD
Shira Johnson, MD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Exploring the Role of Cannabis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease01/16/2021
    The Prevalence of Osteoporosis in the Hispanic Community
    Understanding Osteoporosis-Related Bone Fractures
    Protecting the Vulnerable from COVID-19: A Street Physician’s Perspective05/30/2020
    Interstitial Pneumonia with Autoimmune Features (IPAF): A Research Classification02/26/2021
    How to Identify & Manage Patients with Progressive-Fibrosing ILD02/26/2021
    Livin' la Vida Locum: A Globetrotter's Journey12/08/2019
    Alternative Therapies Intervening in Addiction Therapy01/01/2020
    A Global Look at Locum Tenens: An International Career12/16/2019
    Mid-Career Change: Transitioning to Locum Tenens12/13/2019
    The Quality Payment Program in 2019: What to Know About Upgrading Your EHR12/24/2019
    Dr. Bennett Omalu on the Dangers of Concussions and CTE12/25/2019
    The Autopsy that Changed American Sports: Dr. Bennett Omalu and the Story of CTE12/23/2019
    What to Know About a State-of-the-Art Approach to GIST Treatment12/26/2019
    When Physicians Become Patients: One Doctor's Journey 12/26/2019
    CAR-T Cell Therapy: A Breakthrough Treatment for Fighting Cancer02/26/2021
    Curing Blindness: How Researchers are Utilizing Gene Therapy01/03/2020
    Opiate Addiction: Misconceptions about Medically-Assisted Treatments01/09/2020
    Groundbreaking Child Bilateral Hand Transplant01/26/2020
    Managing Erectile Dysfunction Stemming from Diabetes and Heart Disease12/31/2019
    The Science of Making Tumors Glow: Innovations from the Center for Precision Surgery02/25/2021
    The Next Horizons in Reconstructive Microsurgery01/12/2020
    Shattering Myths About Osteoporosis02/26/2021
    Evaluating Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Tendonitis07/30/2010
    A Quick Blood Test to Evaluate the Severity of Head Trauma07/16/2010
    Evolving Roles for Deep Brain Stimulation05/15/2015
    Location, Location, Location: Is the Closest ED Always Best?03/19/2010
    Boarded in the ED: A Look at Mortality and Morbidity07/24/2009
    “9-11 Cough” & Persistent Lung Ailments06/18/2015
    Linking Marijuana to Testicular Cancer07/31/2015
    Physician Burnout in the Emergency Room11/13/2009
    Congress Considers Emergency Care07/10/2009
    Re-evaluating the Practice of Emergency Room Diversion05/08/2009
    When the Healer Needs Healing: How ED Docs Cope With Trauma08/28/2009
    Training ED Docs in End-of-Life Issues04/23/2015
    Cancer and End-of-Life Issues in the Emergency Department11/20/2015
    Brain Attack: The 'Golden Hour' After a CVA06/21/2016
    The Impact of Emergency Department Alternatives12/10/2010
    Selecting the Right Medication for Hypertension in the ED02/19/2015
    Unexpected Elevated Blood Pressure: What to Do?02/05/2015
    Cardiac Marker Testing at the Bedside02/27/2015
    What Cardiac Markers Can Tell Us in the ED02/15/2013
    Cardiac Arrest: When Should EMS Scoop and Run?02/27/2009
    ACLS versus BLS: When is Less More?01/23/2009
    Room With a View: The Emergency Department10/26/2017
    Emergency Medicine Research: The Science and the Art01/23/2015
    Surviving Sepsis: Early Diagnosis and Treatment11/20/2009
    From Bench to Bedside: Reducing Sepsis Mortality01/16/2009
    Cardiac Arrest: CPR and Beyond04/16/2018
    Cardiac Arrest: Management and Survival04/17/2018
    Solutions to EMTALA and the On-Call Crises03/27/2018
    On-Call Crises in the Emergency Department03/28/2018
    The United Nations Initiative to Reduce Childhood Mortality12/26/2008
    Measuring Oxygen Saturation in New Guinea Children12/12/2008
    Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia: Recognition and Treatment11/27/2015
    Understanding Your Patients’ Diabetes Medications and Devices11/05/2015
    Evidence-Based Resuscitation Medicine01/02/2009
    Pearls & Pitfalls of Rapid Sequence Intubation12/19/2008
    Treating the Complications of Tattoos and Body Piercings12/05/2008
    The Economic Impact of Delivering ED Health Care01/02/2009
    The Surgicalist: A New Concept in On-Call Care01/22/2010
    The Science and Medicine of Blast Injury Care11/17/2015
    Preparedness for an Explosive Devices Attack in the US09/17/2010
    Radiation Disaster Response Protocol09/24/2010
    Physiologic Effects of Nerve Gas09/10/2010
    Nerve Gas Exposure: The Clinical Picture04/19/2013
    Delivering the Best Outcome in Critical Care10/19/2008
    Can We Improve Outcomes With Sepsis Re-Education?09/14/2008
    Prognostic Indicators in Acute CHF09/28/2008
    Point of Care: Bedside Diagnostic Testing09/07/2008
    What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP)?03/13/2018
    Alligator Serum Antibodies: New Therapeutic Avenues03/21/2018
    Lessons from the Alligators03/22/2018
    Running With a Passion01/10/2018
    HIV Research Updates: 200805/04/2008
    The Bipolar Spectrum in Headache Patients01/31/2018
    Personality Disorders in Migraineurs03/20/2008
    Eating Disorders: Screening and Treatment02/01/2018
    Obesity: What You May Not Know03/08/2018
    The Physician in Times of War: Ethical Dilemmas Maintaining the Hippocratic Oath03/08/2018
    How Medical Ethics Were Compromised During the Nazi Regime09/20/2017
    The State of the Art in Apheresis07/06/2008
    Saving Lives With Apheresis03/16/2008
    The Impact of the International Myeloma Foundation02/25/2016
    The Environmental Etiologies of Multiple Myeloma02/19/2016
    New Treatments for Multiple Myeloma03/16/2016
    What you don't eat matters: CV effects of fasting02/24/2008
    Effects of Fasting on Cardiovascular Risk02/03/2008
    Genetics of Heart Disease02/10/2008
    Improvements in the Care of Acute MI03/02/2008
    CAD Risk Factors and Interventions02/24/2008
    Cardiology: Drug Eluting Stents02/03/2008
    Community Acquired MRSA: Prevention and Cure12/30/2007
    Hospital Acquired MRSA: Are We Aggressive Enough?04/20/2008
    Medical Uses for Illicit Drugs: Psilocybin11/20/2017
    Medical Uses for Illicit Drugs: Ecstasy09/25/2015
    Outbreak of Superbugs: Acinetobacter06/01/2008
    Outbreaks of Superbugs: Etiology of MRSA02/18/2016
    Superbugs: Diagnosis and Treatment of MRSA10/12/2015
    The Role of the Physician as a Leader in the Community05/11/2008
    The Physician as a Leader in the Medical Community12/02/2007
    Management of Postprandial Glucose11/14/2008
    Diabetes: Is Controlling the FBS Enough?05/25/2008
    New Guidelines for Post Prandial Glucose10/09/2007
    Diabetes: Why monitoring the FBS is not enough10/09/2007
    Child Abuse: Prevention and Treatment10/13/2015
    Child Abuse: Detection and Reporting10/14/2015
    Planning for Personnel Management in a Disaster09/14/2008
    Who Will Show Up to Work in a Disaster?03/16/2008
    Sexual Problems of Long Term Cancer Survivors10/15/2015
    Sexual Activity After Genital Tract Cancer10/16/2015
    Personal Reflections on Working Through 9/1109/18/2009
    Clinical Recollections of 9/11: Working in NYC09/21/2008
    Guiding a Department Through 9/11 in NYC10/01/2009
    Treatment of Common Sports Medicine Injuries07/27/2008
    Diagnosing & Treating Common Running Injuries07/13/2008
    The MD Civilian Soldier: Dealing with Deployment09/16/2007
    The MD Civilian Soldier: Role in the Military09/23/2007
    Resilience and Survival after Disasters11/20/2015
    The Borderline Personality Under Stress10/07/2007
    Telemedicine: Legal and Regulatory Aspects01/13/2008
    Telemedicine: Costs and Reimbursement Status01/06/2008
    Telemedicine: Quality and Financial Aspects10/14/2007
    Telemedicine: Having the Specialist at the Bedside11/25/2007
    The role of the MD in the Marine Corp Reserves11/18/2007
    Alternative Careers in Medicine: Publishing10/14/2007
    NETT (Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials)11/11/2007
    Neurological Emergencies Treatment Network09/23/2007
    Personality Disorders, Diagnosis and Treatment07/15/2007
    Management of the Refractory Headache Patient07/15/2007
    Management of Adolescent Headaches10/28/2007
    Impact of Societal Changes on Infectious Diseases09/02/2007
    The Questionable Evolution of Lethal Injection09/09/2007
    Lethal Injection08/05/2007
    Development and Ethics of Lethal Injection08/19/2007
    Lethal Injection08/19/2007
    Emergency Medicine05/06/2007
    Emergency Medicine05/06/2007
    Pedophilia Research05/20/2007
    Treament for Pedophiles and their Victims05/20/2007
    Profile of Victims of Pedophilia05/20/2007
    Pedophilia -Types and Classifications05/20/2007
    HIV/AIDS-Myths and Legends09/02/2007
    HIV/AIDS-Epidemiology, Prevention and Intervention10/07/2007
    HIV/AIDS-Complications in Care06/17/2007
    Treatment Update for HIV/AIDS04/29/2007
    HIV/AIDS-Current State of Testing04/29/2007
    Female Sexual Dysfunction09/01/2016
    Male Sexual Dysfunction08/19/2007
    Medical Use and Abuse of Opioids06/17/2007
    Challenges of Patients with Personality Disorders06/17/2007
    New Drug for Diabetic Patients in Phase 2 Trials04/22/2007
    New Drug for Cardiovascular Complications-Diabetes08/02/2016
    Women in Medicine Today06/17/2016
    Women's Healthcare Issues04/22/2007
    Congenital Heart Disease: Logistics of Treatment04/15/2007
    Prescription Drug Abuse04/01/2007
    Autism: Treatment Strategies04/01/2007
    Autism: Diagnosis04/01/2007
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