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Stephanie Desmon
Stephanie Desmon
  • Director, Public Relations and Marketing
  • John Hopkins Center for Communications Programs
Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
Inside the COVID-19 Field Hospital in Baltimore’s Convention Center
How COVID-19 Has Impacted Baltimore Restaurants
Where Are We Now? New Findings About COVID-19 & How We’re Coping as a Society
A Pediatrician’s Take on the Indirect Impacts of COVID-19 on Children’s Health
COVID-19 Mental Health Care Q&A with a Clinical Psychologist
Kathleen Day Returns for an Update on Reopening the Economy Post COVID-19
How Is COVID-19 Affecting People with Kidney Failure & on the Transplant Waiting List?
Cytokine Storms & COVID-19 Severity
Unlocking More Secrets of COVID-19: Seasonality, Flu Comparisons, & What We’re Learning in the Lab
School Closures in the Time of COVID-19
Fast-Tracking Coronavirus Solutions
Bare Shelves: Is the Food System Threatened by COVID-19?
“Identify Every Case”: Successful Contact Tracing & What It Will Take to Reopen the US
COVID-19’s Particular Threat to Native American Communities
The Rise of Zoonotic Diseases Like COVID-19 & Risks to Humans (& Their Pets)
When Will We Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Former CDC Director Tom Frieden on What We Need to Do Now & Next to Reopen
A Nurse’s Perspective on Testing Capacity & Mask Recommendations
Are Men More Susceptible to COVID-19?
COVID-19 in Prisons, Jails, & Detention Centers
What It’s Like to Treat Patients with COVID-19: A Doctor’s Perspective
How the Experts Are Dealing with COVID-19 in Their Personal Lives
The Social Side of COVID-19: How Individual Behavioral Change Benefits the Greater Community
COVID-19 Communication: How Facts Fight Fear04/23/2020
COVID-19 & the Economy: What Can We Expect?04/11/2020
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