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Susan Dolan, RN, JD
Susan Dolan, RN, JD
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    RN's For Hire: 500,000 By the Year 202501/15/2010
    Day In The Life of a Hospital Chaplain02/27/2009
    Working With Caregivers of Dementia Patients09/03/2015
    The Prospective Role of the National Nurse01/30/2009
    The Call for a National Nurse01/16/2009
    Terminally Ill Patients and ICD's04/18/2018
    A Look at Psychosocial Issues Post MI and With ICD04/02/2018
    Diagnosing Self-Neglect in the Elderly09/29/2015
    Evaluating Elder Competency and Elder Abuse10/03/2014
    State-Level Readiness for Pandemic Flu09/28/2008
    A Review of the Basics of Pandemic Influenza09/21/2008
    Compassion and Choices: The Rights of the Terminally Ill01/29/2018
    Palliative Care Resources on About.com07/11/2008
    The #1 Most Trusted Profession09/14/2008
    The Campaign for Nursing's Future08/17/2008
    Do Visits to the Doctor Decrease Hospital Stays at the End of Life?08/31/2008
    What is the Connection Between Coffee and Heart Disease?02/06/2009
    Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial09/07/2008
    Protecting the Body Against Overheating07/17/2009
    Olympic Training for Extreme Environmental Conditions06/20/2008
    The US Olympic Training Center07/13/2008
    The Best Caregivers Care for Themselves10/05/2008
    How to Interact With Terminally Ill Patients08/10/2008
    Diabetes Management and Athletics11/07/2008
    Statins & The Stanley Cup: a Patient's Challenges with Heart Disease05/27/2008
    My Father's Heart: A Son's Journey05/27/2008
    WellDoc Communications09/07/2008
    Forgive for Good08/24/2008
    Research Updates on The Power of Forgiveness06/29/2008
    Health Courts: An Answer to Medical Malpractice?06/22/2008
    Animating Informed Consent for Bariatric Surgery06/15/2008
    National Registry of CPR06/29/2008
    VIP Medicine: Practice Model Updates05/18/2008
    The Role of Hope in Psychotherapy07/20/2008
    The Hope Scale06/15/2008
    Hope Research05/18/2008
    End-of-Life Care 10108/24/2008
    How Do You Talk With Someone Who is Dying?07/13/2008
    The End-of-Life Handbook06/08/2008
    Refractory Suffering07/27/2008
    Effective Pain Management06/15/2008
    Caring Conversations for Young Adults04/20/2008
    Robert Schimmel on Humor in Surviving Cancer05/04/2008
    Robert Schimmel on Life Lessons After Chemo04/13/2008
    The Power of Humor in Battling Cancer04/27/2008
    Cancer on $5 a Day (Chemo Not Included)07/06/2008
    The Care is in the Details: Hospital Architecture and Facility Design Updates06/10/2016
    Planetree's Unique Model of Patient-Centered Care04/20/2016
    The Research Behind the Checklists05/04/2008
    Improving Patient Safety: $100 Million in Savings04/13/2008
    The Checklist07/27/2008
    The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center06/22/2008
    Kenneth B. Schwartz: the Story of a Healthcare Pioneer04/27/2008
    Schwartz Center Rounds at Massachusetts General Hospital03/30/2008
    Just Be There03/30/2008
    The Law, the Talk and the Care03/16/2008
    Integrating Life Review into Clinical Practice04/22/2016
    Life Review06/20/2016
    The 28-Day Formula for Pain-Free Living06/08/2008
    Too Young to Feel Old: The Arthritis Doctor's 28-Day Formula for Pain-Free Living03/02/2008
    Uniform Palliative Care Guidelines03/23/2008
    Delivering Amelia: The Story of a Young Gifted Obstetrician's Mistake and the Psychologist Who He...03/23/2008
    Mom's Marijuana: Life, Love and Beating the Odds03/02/2008
    Trending Toward Electronic Prescriptions of Controlled Substances04/27/2008
    Preventing Hospital Readmissions: Top Tips for the Busy Hospitalist06/29/2008
    The Speak Up Campaign02/17/2008
    The VIRGO Study06/01/2008
    NIH Research Study on Fathers02/17/2008
    A Grieving Cart in the ICU02/03/2008
    Capsaicin and Acute Pain Management06/01/2008
    Palliative & Hospice Care in Medical School05/18/2008
    Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Newborn Screening08/10/2008
    The Future of Newborn Screening08/24/2008
    The Advance Care Planning Process03/02/2008
    National Healthcare Decisions Day 200801/27/2008
    Five Star Provider Consulting Program01/20/2008
    Advancing Technology + 80 Million Baby Boomers02/10/2008
    Unplugged 203/23/2008
    Is Male Menopause Real?06/08/2008
    Integrative Oncology11/13/2017
    The Art of Aging09/13/2016
    How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter10/04/2016
    Hospice Saves Medicare Money01/13/2008
    The Biggest Misconceptions About Hospice 10101/20/2008
    Laughter is the Best Medicine for Your Heart02/17/2008
    Atkins? South Beach? Ornish?10/19/2008
    The Heat is On01/06/2008
    Perinatal Hospice03/09/2008
    Preventing Medical Malpractice Claims01/13/2008
    The Satisfied Patient06/22/2008
    The Board Makes a Difference12/16/2007
    Partnership for Healthcare Excellence12/02/2007
    And the winner is...The Tuscany House12/09/2007
    ICU Delirium & Cognitive Impairment Research06/29/2008
    ICU Delirium05/25/2008
    Fixing Healthcare from the Inside Out, Today12/23/2007
    Chasing the Rabbit12/09/2007
    Delivering Operational Excellence10/26/2008
    24 Years in the Funeral Industry12/02/2007
    Patient Controlled Analgesia10/26/2007
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation07/06/2008
    Life for a Child11/18/2007
    2007 Annual Report to the Nation on Cancer11/18/2007
    In A Blink11/18/2007
    Palliative Care & the Special Care Newborn04/20/2008
    The Special Care Newborn08/17/2008
    Sorry Works!12/02/2007
    Apology & Disclosure: Preventing Medical Malpractice05/11/2008
    We are not Deities11/25/2007
    Chemotherapy-a Chemical Crime?04/20/2008
    The Law of Attraction & Health01/06/2008
    The Mother of all Wake-up Calls12/09/2007
    The Compassionate Coroner04/06/2008
    Palliative Treatment for End-stage Diabetes11/11/2007
    High School Students & Live Heart Surgery05/18/2008
    Looking Down from the Dome05/25/2008
    A Different Kind of Death05/06/2016
    Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully02/18/2016
    The Vein Viewer04/06/2008
    The Green House Project07/13/2008
    The Eden Alternative: Reinventing Long Term Care10/05/2008
    Adventure Trips02/26/2016
    Wilderness Medicine 10110/15/2015
    Common Medical Sense10/28/2007
    Extreme Medical Recycling09/20/2016
    Doc to Dock10/07/2007
    It's Cheaper in Singapore10/14/2007
    Medical Tourism09/23/2007
    Fibromyalgia: Addressing the Outcry from 40 Million Americans10/21/2007
    Adrenal Insufficiency11/25/2007
    Misdiagnosed & Overlooked09/23/2007
    I Can't Sleep11/11/2007
    It Doesn't Have to Hurt09/16/2007
    Been There, Done That: Bite Mites09/02/2007
    It's an Outbreak: Itch Mite Bites09/02/2007
    Innovative Approaches to Patient and Family Centered Care10/28/2007
    Realizing the Benefits of Family Advisory Councils09/16/2007
    The Hurricane Summits08/16/2007
    What is Florida Doing Right?08/16/2007
    Oscar the Cat09/23/2007
    To Evacuate or Not to Evacuate?09/07/2008
    The VA's Extreme Medical Makeover in 10 Years10/21/2007
    The VA: An Extreme Medical Makeover09/16/2007
    Reinterpretation of the WHI Findings09/30/2007
    Biological Underpinnings of PMS and Menopause02/19/2018
    Calling all Mortals09/16/2007
    Reclaiming the End of Life Initiative10/28/2007
    The Four Things That Matter Most09/09/2007
    Medical Animatics: Applications Within and Beyond Healthcare09/30/2007
    Animating the Future of Healthcare12/16/2007
    Bad Faith Hospital Peer Review10/14/2007
    Sham Peer Review09/09/2007
    Bowen F. White, M.D., C.L.O.W.N.08/26/2007
    Clowning in Ecuador08/26/2007
    The Inner Life of Physicians09/02/2007
    How to Run a Successful Family Meeting09/22/2016
    A Cancer Survivor MD's Work in Ped. Pulmonology10/07/2007
    Doctors Who Run Ultra-Marathons08/26/2007
    My Own Medicine: A Doctor's Life as a Patient08/26/2007
    The Myths & Realities of CPR and DNR08/19/2007
    Hospice Eligibility: Would You be Surprised?11/04/2007
    The Benefits of Open Access Hospice08/19/2007
    Extending Coverage Could Bring Long-Term Savings07/23/2007
    What Happens When Uninsured Americans Reach 65?07/23/2007
    Is honesty the best policy legally?08/19/2007
    Physician Leadership08/26/2007
    Cultural Sensitivity12/30/2007
    Humor & Health Scientific Research Review07/22/2007
    The Hospital Clown: A Closer Look07/22/2007
    Dr. Kevorkian-Hero or Villain?07/08/2007
    Futility Laws & Baby Emilio12/30/2007
    What Does the Chronic Fatigue Research Reveal?07/15/2007
    Debunking the Myths of Chronic Fatigue07/15/2007
    Bridging the Gap between Science & Spirituality07/08/2007
    Prayer & Health07/08/2007
    Health/Law Degree Opens New Career Opportunities07/15/2007
    Feeding Tubes: Undermining Health Care Quality?07/01/2007
    Feeding Tubes: Myths & Realities07/01/2007
    Integrative Treatment of ADHD07/08/2007
    Dispelling Myths About Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder07/08/2007
    The Andrew Speaker XDR TB Case07/01/2007
    Medical Cannabis: A Patient's Perspective08/05/2007
    Presidents & Celebrities: Emergency Surgery06/24/2007
    Emergency Surgery of the Presidents08/05/2007
    Don't Drink the Water! Travel Tips from a Tropical Medicine Specialist06/24/2007
    The 3 Pillars of Travel Medicine06/24/2007
    The Politics of Medical Cannabis06/24/2007
    Medical Cannabis 10106/24/2007
    Pediatric Hospice Considerations06/17/2007
    End of Life Care for 80 Million Baby Boomers08/05/2007
    10 Million Nurses06/17/2007
    An Integrative Model of Care06/17/2007
    Music, the Body & the Brain06/10/2007
    Music Therapy in the Clinical Setting06/10/2007
    Final Exam: A Surgeon's Reflections on Mortality08/12/2007
    Dead Enough? The Paradox of Brain Death06/03/2007
    What the Best ICU Doctors Do09/09/2007
    Integrating Palliative & Critical Care in the ICU06/03/2007
    ICDs and the Terminally Ill05/27/2007
    Terminal Sedation09/02/2007
    Physician Assisted Suicide05/27/2007
    How to Communicate Bad News09/02/2007
    Hospital Based Palliative Care Programs01/14/2007
    Palliative Care01/07/2007
    The Sorry Works! Coalition 205/20/2007
    The Sorry Works! Coalition05/20/2007
    Ethical Wills05/13/2007
    The 6th Vital Sign05/13/2007
    The Logic of Tragedy05/13/2007
    Doctors on the Edge 305/13/2007
    Doctors on the Edge 205/13/2007
    Doctors on the Edge 105/13/2007
    Near Death Experience 201/07/2007
    Near Death Experience01/07/2007
    HOsPicE is about HOPE05/06/2007
    Hospice patients live longer05/06/2007
    Informed Consent & Risk Management10/07/2007
    Confidentiality & Risk Management04/29/2007
    Dying and the Law04/29/2007
    Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America04/29/2007
    The Candidates and Margo04/29/2007
    Laughter is the Best Medicine 204/15/2007
    Laughter is the Best Medicine04/15/2007
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