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Tim Rush
Tim Rush
    Program NameLast Air DateHosts/Guests
    Digital Frontiers: USF Health's Health Informatics and Healthcare Analytics Programs
    Evolving Roles for Physician Assistants: AAPA's Optimal Team Practice Guidelines 12/28/2019
    Northern Exposure: Practicing Medicine in Alaska12/21/2019
    Staying Active After Retirement: Advice for the Seasoned Clinician05/08/2015
    Pay Yourself First: A Financial Guide for Doctors Entering Practice03/26/2018
    Pay Inequalities for Women in Medicine: Why Earn Less for Doing the Same Job?01/11/2020
    Using Comedy to Save Health Care Careers: Laura Hayden's Journey04/26/2018
    Why I Left Medicine: A Young Doctor's Views on Burnout and Non-Clinical Transitions04/02/2018
    The Entrepreneurial MD: Fostering Acts of Radical Creativity in Medicine12/26/2016
    Practicing Medicine After Retirement01/09/2017
    Need to Grow Your Clinical Practice? Create an App for That!12/27/2016
    Starting a Job Search: What Physicians Should Know01/12/2017
    The Life and Times of an "Adventure Physician"05/31/2017
    Alternative Career Choices After Fellowship03/22/2020
    A Balance of Practicing Medicine and Pursuing Your Passion01/18/2017
    Locum Tenens: An Active Alternative to Early Retirement03/06/2021
    Why Do Physicians Choose Locum Tenens Work?09/22/2019
    Creative Ways to Replace Income Loss in Current Practice Environments03/15/2016
    Careers in Correctional Medicine: Facts vs Fiction03/15/2016
    An Author in the ER10/03/2016
    The Benefits of Patient Data Protection09/12/2016
    A Medical Entrepreneur: The Pearls & Pitfalls09/07/2016
    Setting Long Term Career Goals in a Changing Healthcare Landscape03/16/2016
    Career Choices Under the Microscope: Research Medicine01/05/2016
    Can Social Media Help Advance Your Career?03/18/2016
    The Background on Background Checks for Future Health Care Employees01/07/2016
    Matching for Success: Is DISC Still the Best Tool?01/07/2016
    Changing Specialties Within Clinical Practice10/16/2015
    Opportunities for Physicians Seeking Non-Clinical Jobs08/14/2015
    Current Trends in Clinical Outsourcing03/08/2013
    Short and Long Term Effects of Reform on the Healthcare Market02/01/2013
    Locum Tenens: More Than a Lifestyle Change06/19/2015
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