Dr. Bennett Omalu on the Dangers of Concussions and CTE

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Dr. Bennett Omalu on the Dangers of Concussions and CTE

Dr. Bennett Omalu reflects on the aftermath of his original paper linking CTE to repeated brain trauma, and the dangers of high-contact sports.
  • Overview

    Many studies have demonstrated long-lasting and even permanent brain damage that can originate from just one concussion. With athletes suffering multiple repeated head traumas due to high-contact sports, the controversies over player safety and long-term health risks remain hot-button issues.

    Pathologist Dr. Bennett Omalu coined the term "CTE" and published the first evidence for chronic traumatic encephalopathy after autopsying American football players. In this second of a two-part interview, he shares his perspectives on CTE in athletes and the lifelong dangers of contact sports.

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