Medical Program: Breakthrough Breakdown: Impacts of Keynote-189

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Breakthrough Breakdown: Impacts of Keynote-189

Breakthrough Breakdown: Impacts of Keynote-189
New data, new options? The clinical trial Keynote-189 might just set in motion a new era in NSCLC care.
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    With profound results, Keynote-189 has led to change in the vast majority of U.S.-based oncologists, so now it's time to take a closer look.

    Dr. Shira Johnson welcomes Dr. Howard Jack West, who leads us on a deep dive into the clinical trial. From the study design to clinical implications, Dr. West highlights key findings, which may just unlock a new standard of care and better patient outcomes.

    Closing the Gaps in NSCLC is sponsored by Lilly. Content for this non-certified educational series is produced and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for health care professionals only.

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