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Special Diagnostic Considerations for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Special Diagnostic Considerations for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Laura Wingate and Dr. David Binion discuss newer diagnostic modalities and ways to incorporate them into both classic and uncommon presentations.
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      Making an appropriate diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) requires a variety of laboratory tests, serologic studies, imaging techniques and procedures such as endoscopies, and biopsies. While many methods are widely used when IBD is suspected based on symptoms and history, some confusion persists around newer diagnostic modalities such as MRE and capsule endoscopies, as well as the utility of emerging serologic biomarker tests. Additionally, uncommon presentations of IBD such as asymptomatic ileitis further complicate diagnostic workups.   

      On this episode, Laura Wingate, Vice President of Education, Support, and Advocacy at the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, joins gastroenterologist Dr. David Binion, Co-Director at the IBD Center on Translational Research and Director of Nutrition Support Service at the University of Pittsburgh. The two discuss special diagnostic considerations for patients with IBD. 

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