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The Doctor Is In [Another Career]: Nonclinical Jobs and How to Find Them

The Doctor Is In [Another Career]: Nonclinical Jobs and How to Find Them
Dr. Heidi Moawad explores the many job opportunities available outside of clinical practice.
  • Overview

    A physician’s career has more flexibility than ever to extend beyond patient care. Health care providers can also use their medical backgrounds to pursue jobs in healthcare management, public policy, education, research and other career paths not directly related to clinical practice. But how do doctors find these nonclinical opportunities?

    Host Dr. Jennifer Caudle. Joining me today is Dr. Heidi Moawad, a neurologist and adjunct professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Moawad is creator of the website,, and author of the book, Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine. They talk about the many nonclinical jobs available to doctors and how to find them.

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