Medical Industry Feature: Assessing Patient Recovery with Neuromuscular Monitoring

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Neuromuscular Monitoring

Assessing Patient Recovery with Neuromuscular Monitoring

Assessing Patient Recovery with Neuromuscular Monitoring

A discussion of the importance of neuromuscular monitoring.

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  • Overview

    Recovery from neuromuscular blockade can be measured either qualitatively or quantitatively. The focus of this discussion is to highlight the importance of using quantitative or objective measures to monitor patient recovery from neuromuscular blockade. 

    Host Dr. Jennifer Caudle discusses this important topic with Dr. Roy Soto, an Anesthesiologist from Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan and Dr. George Williams, an Associate Professor from the University of Texas McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas. Listen in as both Dr. Soto and Dr. Williams share their thoughts on patient recovery with neuromuscular monitoring.


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