Medical Program: Quality of Life Considerations for Your Migraine Patients

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Quality of Life Considerations for Your Migraine Patients

Quality of Life Considerations for Your Migraine Patients
Migraines deeply affect patients' day-to-day lives. In this episode, find out how these impacts to quality of life guide treatment approaches.
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  • Overview

    Migraines affect patients differently, but their impacts on daily life almost uniformly extend far beyond dealing with headache pain itself. For many, even basic day-to-day decisions that most take for granted will revolve around the fear of the next acute migraine attack. 

    Join us as Dr. Jessica Ailani, Associate Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University Hospital and Director of the MedStar Georgetown Headache Center, shares how she determines to what extent migraines are affecting her patients' quality of life, and in what ways this insight guides her treatment approach.

    Rethinking Migraine is sponsored by Lilly. Content for this a non-certified educational series is produced and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for health care professionals only.




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