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Implementation of Preterm Labor Assessment Toolkit, a System-wide Initiative to Improve Preterm Labor Outcomes

Preterm birth is a serious problem within the United States; learn about a system-wide initiative to help improve preterm labor outcomes.
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  • Overview

    Preterm birth is a serious problem within the United States, with approximately 12% of all live infant births occurring before term, or 37 weeks’ gestation.  Given that preterm births are associated with neonatal and infant mortality, as well as several other long-term complications, it is clear that preterm birth poses a significant healthcare burden.  

    In this special edition of Advances in Women’s Health, host, Dr. Renee Allen interviews Lashea Wattie, a nurse at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center in Marietta, Georgia, to talk about implementing a system-wide initiative to improve preterm labor outcomes and how her own medical center has adopted and uses the PLAT system to diagnose preterm labor.   

    Click here to learn more about other women's health programs in this special series.

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